Luca .. an electric car made from waste
Luca .. an electric car made from waste

Dutch students at Eindhoven University of Technology have developed a fully functional electric car called Lucca made entirely from waste, including plastics from the sea, recycled PET bottles and household waste. rubbish.

The Technical University of Eindhoven said: The light yellow two-seater sports car can reach a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour and a range of up to 220 kilometers when fully charged.

"This car is really something special," project manager Lisa Van Itten told Reuters. Because it is made entirely from garbage.

He added: The main body Lucca is made of recycled linen and PET bottles, and we use unsorted household waste.

The car body is made of hard plastic, and it is commonly used in televisions, toys, and cookware, while the seat cushions are made of coconut and horsehair and the side windows are made of. Recycled glass.

(Lisa Van Iten) said: A group of 22 students designed and built the car within 18 months to demonstrate that waste could be used as a raw material instead of the new plastic.

The team created new materials for cars by mixing scrap metal with linen, horsehair and coconut fibers. However, students had to use new materials such as steering wheels, pedals, and electronic devices. And windshield for safety compliance.

"We very much hope that the automakers will start using the waste as the European car industry alone has to produce close to a million tons of plastic every year," said Matthis van Wiijk, a member of the production team.

He added: This is possible in many applications and more and more companies are using waste or biological materials within the company, and we want to demonstrate that it is also possible to build structures with these wastes or materials. biological.

Students look for an RDW license plate. If they are given a license plate, this indicates that it is a usable car and can be driven on public roads.

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