Manchester United club reveals a security breach
Manchester United club reveals a security breach

Manchester United European football club (Manchester United) revealed a cyber security incident affecting its internal systems.

The football club said it was still investigating the incident and was unable to determine whether the hacker had allowed the hacker access to data about fans or customers in the store.

The club was silent about what content the hackers could access, but said the incident had no impact on major media channels such as websites and mobile apps.

"All the basic rules of the game at Old Trafford have not changed," the club manager said in a press release.

Manchester United officials said they had spotted the attack and moved quickly to contain it and minimize its impact.

The club stated that it is currently working with security experts to investigate the incident and mitigate the IT breakdown, and the Manchester Police Department has also been briefed on the incident.

The club has developed comprehensive procedures and procedures for such activities and continues to train with these risks despite the complexity of the process.

Club Cyber ​​Defense System Determine the Attack and Detect Affected System for Damage Control and Data Protection. "We are not currently aware of any breaches of personal data regarding our fans or customers of the event," the club said in a statement.

Manchester United are the second major British team to report a serious security breach. In July 2018, a hacker visited the Liverpool FC computer network and collected data on the club's fans.

Phishing attacks trying to steal club payments have also targeted other British football clubs, according to a report by the National Cybersecurity Center in July this year.

The same report also revealed that an unnamed club had been attacked for ransom, which affected people entering and leaving the stadium. The accident was corrected in time for the next match so that the fans could enter the stadium.

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