Microsoft is working with chip manufacturers to improve computer security
Microsoft is working with chip manufacturers to improve computer security

Microsoft announced Tuesday that it has developed security technologies that chip makers Intel and AMD intend to incorporate into their PC processors. Enhances the ability to resist hackers and network attacks.

Intel and AMD announced that chips equipped with new technologies (called Pluto by Microsoft) will be ready in the next few years. Qualcomm has stated that it supports this approach but declined to say that it intends to incorporate the technology into its chips.

Microsoft and chip makers have spent years researching ways to protect important information (such as passwords and hardware security certificates) in order to better protect your computer. This makes it difficult for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities in a single computer program or part of a device. And take advantage of this weakness to fully control the device.

Microsoft's design is integrated into the main processor of the computer, which makes it difficult to penetrate PCs and laptops. With the spread of technology, computer security becomes more and more consistent.

According to reports, chip security offers advantages over software protection over the risks of remote attacks over the Internet, especially since hackers often request physical access to the device. This is more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because many company employees are using home appliances to work remotely instead of working behind a corporate firewall.

"You're talking about some of the people who have the tools and experience in the world" to break into systems with new technology from Microsoft, said David Weston, Microsoft's director and partner in charge of enterprise and operating system security.

Although chips are currently used to protect passwords and other basic information, they are often separated from a computer processor. By placing these chips in the CPU itself, hackers cannot see the connection between the security chip and the CPU. This is a compound that hackers can sometimes use.

Microsoft is trying to change the technology used in its Xbox gaming platform. This can prevent hackers from using unpaid games, making it difficult to attack Windows PCs.

Microsoft's chip engineers are the technology developers, and while Microsoft is involved in developing custom processors and developing products like the company's Xbox and HoloLens augmented reality glasses, the engineering team continues to grow.

"The company plans to continue expanding its chip business, but it is unlikely to focus on general-purpose chips like those made by Intel, AMD and Qualcomm," said Microsoft's product division manager (Panos Panay).

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