Microsoft: Please don't smoke on Xbox Series X!
Microsoft: Please don't smoke on Xbox Series X!

Microsoft's new gaming platform (Xbox Series X) launched just a couple of days ago, but the company had to urge users not to blow up e-cigarettes into the platform.

Since the launch of the new Xbox Searce X platform last Tuesday, videos have been shown on social media of the platform claiming that the platform heats up quickly and lets smoke escape from the vents. On the upper surface.

People were quick to ask if the video was fake, and then an Xbox Studio account in Spanish on Twitter revealed that the platform's smoke (allegedly from overheating) might be caused by an explosion of cigarette smoke. Electronics in the platform.

So far, videos posted from Xbox Studio accounts have received over 14.1 likes, leading some users to try to blow some smoke on the platform themselves.

Then the official Xbox Platform (Xbox) account posted a tweet on Twitter informing users not to blow smoke on the platform. He said, "We can't believe we have to say this, but don't blow smoke on your (Xbox Searcha) X." Xbox Marketing Chief (Aaron Greenberg) tweeted another tweet saying, "Take the e-cigarette from your hand, then take the controller."

When asked for comments on a video showing tobacco on the platform (Xbox Sear X), a Microsoft spokesperson said: The company takes all product safety reports seriously and is conducting further research.

According to reports, the Xbox Series X launched last Tuesday in a smaller, cheaper version (Xbox Series S). The former sells for $ 500, and the other lacks drivers and support for 4K resolution at a rate of sales. 300 dollars. Sony launches PlayStation 5 competition today (Thursday)

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