New iPhone 13 leaks affect Samsung ... Here are the details
New iPhone 13 leaks affect Samsung ... Here are the details

It has only been a month since Apple launched the iPhone 12 series, but there are rumors about the iPhone 13 series. The rumors are expected to spread next year in 2021. Most of the rumors and reports claim that these phones support screen refresh. rating. 120 Hz

This is in line with the features that Samsung has added to the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series phones that were launched this year. However, there are new rumors that this feature will be introduced on the upcoming iPhone 13 phones. The price will be reduced accordingly.

The famous leak (John Prosser) said that the Chinese company BOE did not provide screens that meet the standards required by Apple. Then, if the Chinese company cannot make the LTPO OLED screens according to Apple's requirements, Samsung and LG will have to do so. The two companies also produce OLED displays for the iPhone 12 series.

This means that Apple may have to pay more manufacturing fees than BOE, but the same error shows that this crisis can be avoided because the BOE manufacturer can request quality checks again to find the first choice for iPhone 13. Provider status if it succeeds in meeting Apple's requirements , IPhone 13 could get cheaper overall, as there is no need to rely on Samsung and LG at this time.

This is good news for users looking to upgrade to the next iPhone 13, as they get a revolutionary iPhone with a screen that supports up to 120Hz refresh rate at a reasonable price, in which case the pressure is running is an exercise in Samsung. Rumors say Samsung will speed up the upcoming S21 series release to seize the opportunity to debut iPhone 12.

Knowing that it is too early to reveal everything about the Apple 2021 series of phones, but it is certain that the Chinese company BOE will meet Apple's standards by providing a screen that can match the refresh rate of 120 Hz. Supported device It is widely believed that the upcoming iPhone will affect the iPhone range price in the coming year.

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