New Mac computers do not support external graphics cards
New Mac computers do not support external graphics cards

When Apple announced improving the graphics capabilities of the Mac with the new M1 processor, it was inspired by that incident and noticed that the chip did not support external graphics technology.

AppleInsider, which specializes in Apple News, confirmed that the new device does not support an external graphics card. This means equipment: the 13-inch MacBook Air (MacBook Air), the Mac mini (Mac mini) and the 13-inch MacBook Pro (MacBook Pro) only work with the internal GPU.

The site says: This confirms previous doubts as it appears that the developer support documents indicate that support will be discontinued for all non-Apple GPUs. Current developer documentation primarily refers to the "Apple Series GPU" described here.

In addition, Apple removed its preferred Blackmagic eGPU solution from its list of accessories compatible with Mac mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro that feature the new M1 processor.

In another post about the new MacBook Air, some people noticed that the familiar keyboard had changed and that Apple had replaced some of the function keys on the new device, even though it looked almost like the previous MacBook Air. -New keys for functions such as Spotlight do not interfere or dictate.

When the keyboard functionality on the MacBook Air was last changed, a Touch ID button was added to protect the password and payment details. Now the company has removed the key for keyboard brightness and launchpad.

In Apple News, analyst (Ming-Chi Kuo) said the company may not be able to launch a new iPhone SE or iPhone SE Plus in early 2021.

The analyst, who is considered Apple's most famous leak, said the early launch of the new iPhone SE would be in the second half of next year.

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