Ninetec hopes to create a smart augmented reality world map
Ninetec hopes to create a smart augmented reality world map

Niantic, the developer of the popular augmented reality game (Pokemon Go), continues to focus heavily on augmented reality technology, which it believes is the next generation of computer technology.

While other big companies like Apple, Facebook, and Snap share all of their bets on augmented reality technology with this startup, these companies are bigger and more powerful than Niantic. However, the latter builds on the massive success of (Pokemon Go) improving its features.

Since its launch in 2016, Pokemon Go has been a huge success. Contrary to expectations, analysis firm SensorTower estimates that 2020 - the new epidemic year of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the social impact of the pandemic - will perform best. The company plans to achieve sales of more than $ 1 billion from games by 2020.

This product prompted Ninetech to acquire several small augmented reality startups like Escher Reality, Matrix Mill, and most recently This latest acquisition marks the company's next augmented reality program. specializes in developing cloud mapping software based on augmented reality technology with other companies such as Airbnb. With this technology, users can quickly collect 3D information about surroundings by taking pictures with their smartphones.

Since acquiring, Ninetech has integrated the technology into its development platform to improve augmented reality capabilities by gathering accurate information around the world.

As the company developed the technology, it encouraged users to try it because it encouraged the Pokemon Go player to record videos of specific landmarks and destinations in order to obtain visual data that could be used for improvement. Subsequent user experience. In order to obtain high-quality data, the company relies on developing camera functions for smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 12 Pro, which has a 3D imaging sensor.

According to Ninetech, the ultimate goal of data collection is to create a constantly updating 3D map of the world. The modern technology acquired by the company makes it possible to distinguish between types of objects and scenes, for example, to distinguish between buildings, water and sky.

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