Pro-Trump Facebook Group reached 325,000 members in one day
Pro-Trump Facebook Group reached 325,000 members in one day

A public group on Facebook backed false allegations of election fraud as Democrats attempted to "steal" the US election. Today, one day after its founding, it has rapidly grown to over 325,000 members.

"Stop Stealing" means: Created by the conservative non-profit organization "American Women First" and is known as "Voting Integrity Protection Alert."

As tensions escalated, some 200 supporters of Republican President Donald Trump gathered. People armed with rifles and pistols are found outside a polling station in Phoenix, Arizona. There were no earlier rumors on Wednesday that the votes had not been counted.

In Detroit, based on unfounded allegations that the Michigan vote was rigged, authorities barred about 30 people, most of them Republicans, from entering the country.

In the United States general election, states usually count votes within days or a few weeks of the end of voting. Campaign experts say fraud is very rare in the United States.

Comments by Trump and prominent Republicans spread largely unfounded claims about the integrity of Tuesday's election on social media, and the hashtag #StopTheSteal gained attention.

Facebook groups are described as community forums of mutual interest, but regulators and social media researchers believe they can be a breeding ground for excessive party information.

The organization "Flip Stop" of the organization said: The Democrats are planning to deprive the Republican Party of the right to vote. It is up to us, the American people, to wage and end this war. ''

The group directs new members to the email registration page "in case the group is being monitored through social media".

Team leaders and top tea campaign supervisors include Amy Creamer, her daughter Kylie (Jennifer Lawrence) and Dustin C. Dustin Stockton, all of whom are members of the We Build the Wall team. Federal agents investigated the fraud in August.

Several incidents on Facebook have been described as "stop theft" protests and their supporters, and plans have been put in place to allow users to congregate in states across the country.

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