Alfa 4G Camp Pro 2+ Cellular 4G Data Booster Kit
Alfa 4G Camp Pro 2+ Cellular 4G Data Booster Kit

Alfa 4G Camp Pro 2+ Cellular 4G Data Optimization Kit-R36AH + Tube Antenna-U4Gv2 + AOA-4G-5AM

If you purchased a wireless data plan with a SIM card from T-Mobile, AT&T, Visible or Verizon for your 4G USB modem, you can insert the SIM card into the Tube-U4Gv2 USB WiFi modem and use the included USB cable to connect it to the R36AH router. After completing the setup process in the web browser, the router receives the incoming data from the operator and issues it as a WiFi hotspot in the mobile home so that all of your devices can connect to the internet.

4G data signal is only improved. Call signals or SMS signals (text messages) have not been improved.

Think of it like MiFi on steroids.

Unlike its sister product, Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2, this model does not connect to the camp's Wi-Fi signal, but does require you to be a T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T (postpaid only) or visual customer, supplied with the card WLAN data tariff includes Its own SIM card. Unless you remove the SIM card and insert it into the system, this does not apply to data that is provided with normal cell phone tariffs. This means that your phone will not be able to receive calls. We therefore recommend purchasing a separate wireless broadband data package for your SIM card from a network operator.


Alfa 4G Camp Pro 2+ requires compatible operator and SIM card services. This means that you will be charged a monthly fee by the operator using the data.

Alfa 4G Camp Pro 2+ Cellular 4G Data Booster Kit
Alfa 4G Camp Pro 2+ Cellular 4G Data Booster Kit

  •     Alfa 4G Camp Pro 2+ is the sister product to Alfa WiFi Camp Pro. Optimize and share weak 4G data signals from network operators such as Verizon or T-Mobile. SIM card required. This does not improve WLAN reception.
  •     This is a modem / repeater. You can insert an active SIM card provided by a compatible network operator into this device. This device can improve reception of nearby cellular antennas and share as Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices.
  •     The phone's 4G range has not been increased directly. You need a separate SIM card and separate service line to use this function. This does not improve the call reception rate and only applies to 4G data
  •     Compatible with Verizon (prepaid and postpaid tariffs), T-Mobile (prepaid and postpaid), AT&T (postpaid only), and Visible Wireless. To use Visible, you must first activate the visual SIM in the Visible app on a compatible visual phone
  •     Great for pointing out the beaten path, ideal for the homeless and rowers! It must be within range of at least one data signal that the cell phone tower can reach.

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