Alupper Wireless VR Remote Controller
Alupper Wireless VR Remote Controller

Alupper VR remote control, 3D Bluetooth wireless VR remote control, multi-function gamepad, virtual reality glasses to support computers, iOS or Android systems for smartphones

Alupper 3D Wireless Bluetooth Remote Controller can also be used as a portable game console (fully support for Android systems and some iOS games). PC remote control (you need to download a gamepad simulator); For everyday high-tech electronic products, this is a very convenient remote control method.

  • Multifunctional bluetooth remote control: it can be used as TV / PC remote control, wireless bluetooth game console, selfie remote control, music control, e-book page, video control and VR headset game when using mirror iPhone, mouse control for mobile phone can be a remote control and also can be Smart View (for Samsung phones) to watch videos on TV screen, which is very convenient.
  • Wide Compatibility: Bluetooth 3.0 wireless game controller, compatible with Android / iOS / PC systems. Portable Cell Phone Wireless Remote Control, used for 3D Mobile Phone Virtual Reality Headset, MID, TV Box, Smart TV, Samsung Gear VR Simple PC, Tablet PC, Laptop. Enjoy thousands of virtual reality games!
  • Ease of use: It is very easy to turn it on and off: Turn on the machine for 2 seconds to turn on the machine. Press and hold for 5 seconds to turn off the device. Press the button to control the shutter on the smartphone, and two AAA batteries are required to operate. 360 degree driving mode with high precision rocker control, curved design, without slipping and sweating, which can avoid bad finger vibration. Curved design, no slipping and sweat, can avoid finger vibration defect.
  • The perfect control device: According to the ergonomic design, it fits in the palm of your hand. No root user, no plugins and no bluetooth to play with! Use 2 AAA batteries, batteries not included. You have to buy these separately. You can reach the remote control within 10 meters and support long life batteries all day.
  • Note: If you buy a remote control for a VR headset, then when you put the phone into a VR headset, it is just a remote control for the phone facilities that is hard to touch with your hands. We would like to remind our respectful buyers that they can control the playback of VR videos and some VR games. However, due to iOS, they cannot control all VR games (if they are not), I just want to use them for iPhone interactive vr games. We do not recommend buying it.

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