Antec Dark Fleet DF600 Flux PC Gaming Case
Antec Dark Fleet DF600 Flux PC Gaming Case

Antec Dark Fleet DF600 Flux, ATX mid-tower game cabinet, F-LUX platform, tempered glass side panel, USB 3.0 x 2, 360mm cooling stand, 3 x 120mm ARGB, 1 x 120mm inverted and 1 x 120mm inverted With a fan

The ultimate cooling performance of the DF600 FLUX game bag. DF600 FLUX mid-tower gaming bag features advanced design with higher air permeability, with which Antec Dark Series game bag can be carried to next generation. Dimensions: 467mm x 220mm x 486mm (depth x width x height) Why use a new cooling solution? When Intel unveiled the latest 10th-generation processors and AMD unveiled the new Ryzen 3 and 4 processors, they both delivered impressive performance and increased productivity, which also meant refreshing the functional requirements of a PC. Level to a new level, especially heat dissipation. performance. In order to deal with the pressure created by optimal heat dissipation, Antec has developed a revolutionary airflow architecture that provides an optimized and robust cooling solution for your system. F-LUX platform. The original cooling solution for the F-LUX-Antec platform What is the F-LUX platform? The definition of FLUX is Flow Luxury. The F-LUX platform is the new highly efficient design from industry-leading Antec, featuring an advanced box-shaped structure and excellent airflow from pre-installed 5 x 120mm fans. The core element of design spirit is to improve the cooling performance of the GPU.

Maximum thermal performance from gaming devices

The DF600 FLUX Mid-Tower Game Package features an advanced design that allows for advanced ventilation and takes the Antec Dark League to the next generation.

2. F-LUX platform: Antec's original cooling solution

(1) The lower right panel of the F-LUX platform has a powerful ventilation system that can suck the cold air through the power supply bottom cover to the case and then to the main chassis; Especially for your GPU.

3. Absolute heat output

The 360mm cooler space at the front, the 360mm cooler at the top and the 120mm cooler at the back ensure amazing heat dissipation for your components.

  • F-LUX platform: Advanced body structure for excellent airflow + 5 x 120mm fans included
  • Provides concentrated airflow for your components with area up to 9 x 120mm
  • The radiator is ready, the maximum is 360mm at the front, 360mm at the top and 120mm at the back
  • Space with 2.5 inch SSD: 3 and 3.5 inch SSD / 2.5 inch SSD (swappable): 3/2
  • The I / O connector has a dust cap
  • Enough space for clean cable management
  • Motherboard support: up to ATX350175

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