ASTRO Gaming Headset The Legend of Zelda
ASTRO Gaming Headset The Legend of Zelda

ASTRO 939-001706, the first officially licensed Nintendo Switch gaming headset features a dedicated chat switch and has developed Nintendo's best-selling and best-selling "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" franchise for the Switch console. .

Your adventure awaits

Defeat Calamity Ganon and help Princess Zelda reach your destiny with epic style and sound quality. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild A10 headset combines Zelda code with high-quality ASTRO audio to enhance gameplay. Add the full depth of Hyrule sound to your game.

Heroic ability

The A10 headphones are durable, with a rugged detachable cable system and a super-strong, lightweight steel headband wrapped in a durable rubber sleeve.

ASTRO Professional Audio

ASTRO works with developers and professional gamers to deliver great gaming audio. Our extended frequency spectrum can generate detailed music and game sounds, resulting in great audio experience.

Lasting comfort

Flexible and lightweight materials, high-quality fabric ear cushions and adjustable headbands mean you don't have to worry about fatigue when closing the game before you're ready.

A reflexive microphone mutes the sound

The single-use microphone focuses on your voice for clear audio communication and mutes the volume when reversed. With volume control, you can easily adjust the volume anytime anywhere.

It is developed for gaming, streaming and virtual reality

Just connect the 3.5mm jack to your gaming rig. The A10 can be used directly with Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, MAC, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

Cat Switch for Nintendo Switch

Our exclusive chat key is specially designed for Nintendo Switch. Besides the Nintendo Switch app, you can chat while playing Zelda and other compatible games at home or on the go.

ASTRO Gaming Headset The Legend of Zelda
ASTRO Gaming Headset The Legend of Zelda

  • The A10's durable aluminum headband consists of a heavy-duty rubber housing and detachable cable system that can withstand victory, loss, and everything in between.
  • ASTRO Audio was developed for gaming and was developed with professional gamers and game designers to ensure clarity and detail at any frequency and size.
  • Lightweight ASTROs use a frame earmuff with high-quality ear pads and head ties to reduce fatigue and extend playtime.
  • Clear calls and a comfortable heart mute feature allow you to control audio communications.
  • The A10 can be connected to any audio source via the 3.5mm jack. This is ideal for console consoles and most PCs and Macs.
  • Officially licensed product for use with the Nintendo Switch console.
  • When used with mobile apps (such as the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app), enable voice chat for compatible Nintendo Switch games.

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