Beyetori ATT Cell Phone Signal Booster Band12 /17 LTE 4G
Beyetori ATT Cell Phone Signal Booster Band12 /17 LTE 4G

Beyetori Cell Phone Signal Booster ATT Band12 / 17 LTE 4G 700MHz Cell Phone ATT Antenna Booster Enhanced Data + AT&T Cell Phone Signal Booster Home Signal Booster Home Signal Booster with Antenna Kit

The Signal Booster Cellular Provider is compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, US Cellular, and Straight Talk.

The specified operating frequency is 700MHz, the frequency range is 12/17. Frequency range: Downlink: 728-746MHz Uplink: 698-716MHz.

This means that the current operating frequency of your cell phone must match that of that cell phone in order for the booster to properly operate the communication signal between the cell phone tower and the phone. The mobile phone repeater set is developed to solve the problem of 4G network and poor mobile phone reception capacity. It improves mobile phone 4G data and call audio quality. It is no longer lost or abandoned and takes advantage of faster internet speeds. Recommended for home / office / basement / garage / land / suburb / business / remote area.

Support for multiple users and devices

The booster can support multiple users and devices at the same time. Enjoy your time with your family and friends.

Clear voice and high speed data

Better phone sound quality. Upload and upload data faster. Reduce missed calls.

Steady device reception and automatic gain control

Make the cell signal connection more solid and stable. Optimizers can improve genes and control them, resulting in better performance.

Wide cell coverage

Mobile signal repeater coverage can reach 1500-2000 square feet

Beyetori ATT Cell Phone Signal Booster Band12 /17 LTE 4G
Beyetori ATT Cell Phone Signal Booster Band12 /17 LTE 4G

  •     [700MHz Band Repeater, ATT Module Repeater can amplify 4G LTE voice and data for AT&T / T / Cricket / Cellular / US / Metro PC 4G LTE 700M; Work frequency: 12/17 range
  •     For many operators, this ATT battery booster can be used with AT&T / T-Mobile / Cricket / US Cellular / Metro 4G LTE 700MHz PCs. It can receive signals from cell tower and then amplify the signal from your cell phone and battery. Signal amplifier supports every phone from every mobile operator in the amplifier's audio frequency range: Downlink: 728-746MHz Transmission: 698-716MHz
  •     [Best 4G LTE AT&T / T-Mobile / Cricket / US Cellular / Metro PC 4G LTE 700M data can amplify data and voice from Verizon mobiles and MIFI and LTE hotspots (VoLTE) and these higher data speeds ensure faster and lower packet loss rates for phone calls in Home or in the office.
  •     [Variety of devices and users support better mobile phone sound quality, faster data upload and download, fewer missed calls, better cell phone signal coverage of up to 1500-2000 square feet can solve bad cellular network signal and enjoy the cool weather
  •     [YaGi antenna kit is very suitable for indoor and outdoor mobile phone signal repeaters, suitable for villages, garages, basements, homes, offices, hotels, apartments, etc.

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