BOSURU Cell Phone Signal Booster 4G LTE T-Mobile
BOSURU Cell Phone Signal Booster 4G LTE T-Mobile

BOSURU AT&T 4G LTE Signal Booster for Cell Phones T-Mobile US Cellular Band 12/17 FDD ATT ATT Signal Booster for Cell Phones ATT Signal Booster for Cell Phones Signal Booster for Cell Phone Booster Home Voice and Data Booster

No more missed and abandoned calls

The Home Battery Signal Booster Kit prevents missed and missed calls and extends the battery life of multiple battery powered devices

Cells are welcome and durable

Solve the problem of poor reception quality, receive good and consistent signals, improve cellular services, do not skip the line, and get great performance

Delete calls and express network data

Answer clear calls, send text messages, surf the web, watch broadcasts of video and media, relax. It is used in homes, offices, basements, warehouses, villages and garages

BOSURU Cell Phone Signal Booster 4G LTE T-Mobile
BOSURU Cell Phone Signal Booster 4G LTE T-Mobile

  •     AT&T mobile signal booster is suitable for AT&T 4G LTE 700MHz. It can receive signals from the signal tower and then amplify the signal from your cell phone. This signal booster for mobile phones supports charging any phone from cell phone operator in the following frequency range: Downlink: 728-746MHz Uplink: 698-716MHz
  •     ATT Booster Signal Booster is specially designed for AT&T 700MHz 12-band and 17-cell cell frequency range which is faster and supports 4G LTE broadband network. Ideal for users who need to quickly download and upload streaming media applications (such as Google Chrome, Safari, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify and other data-hungry apps).
  •     Support 4G voice and data from 4G / LTE cell phones (including IOS, Android, Windows phone, etc.). Support multiple users at the same time, better mobile phone sound quality, faster data upload and download, fewer missed calls, supported mobile phone signal boosters receive cellular signals of up to 4000 square feet or 2-4 rooms; Bad cellular network signal, have a good time
  •     Small size, light weight, beautiful signal transmitter, low operating temperature, high gain of the signal amplifier, good linear strength. The amplifier adopts the AGC (automatic gain control) function, it can intelligently sense the signal strength, current and self-adjust to get the best good performance, then reflect the working condition through the LED indicators. ATT Module Signal Booster is used in villages, garages, basements, homes, offices, hotels, apartments, etc.
  •     FCC certified, BOSURU 30 days money back, manufacturers offer 1 year warranty. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to solve your problem. All parts are included in the package, and installation is very easy

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