Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Dongle Wired Android
Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Dongle Wired Android

Carlinkit CarPlay Wireless USB Flash Drive Wired Android Auto USB Mirroring, SIRI / Google Maps / Waze Voice Control, Online Upgrade System, Black (Install Autokit App in Android Car Radio System)

1. Support voice control, Siri, GPS navigation app, music and phone app

CarPlay and Android Auto provide voice control, real-time navigation, online music, calls, and screen mirroring.
Please note that the operating speed of the device is directly proportional to the speed of the mobile iOS.

2. Carplay (wireless connection), paired via bluetooth and transmits via WIFI.

The Waze Google GPS navigation app allows you to get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, listen to the Spotify Pandora music app, and more to keep you focused on the road.
Auto-connect function: After successfully connecting to the product for the first time, you can automatically connect to Carplay the next time you start the car.

3. Android Auto (wired connection only)

Android Auto supports real-time navigation / voice control / music / map / phone / text etc.

1. Multi-window supports iOS13 split screen function

You can now open multiple app windows in Split View. Browse while listening to music.
Carpaly Box and APK support online advertising. Follow the last experience.

2. Support watching YouTube, TV news, photos, browsing and HD videos.

Use mirroring to stream or share content from phone to car screen. View YouTube, TV news, photos, and videos.

3. Support for most applications to make the operation experience smarter.

Support most of store apps: music, maps, voice control, video, etc.

Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Dongle Wired Android
Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Dongle Wired Android

  • 1. [Note: If the car radio cannot install the APK, you cannot use my product. ] -Carplay dongle can be read through the app, only Android car radio is AutoKit.apk installed successfully for the dongle to work normally.
  • 2. AutoKit APK - You can install it before purchasing it. You can also: "" enter this URL on the car screen (your car must be connected to the internet) and install it.
  • 3.Compatible Devices - Aftermarket Android host (only Android car radio can install the app, control Android version of car radio (4.4.2 and above), the product supports most phones in Android market, but not all 100% Android phones and Android radios.) Android phones and phones (5.1 and above) running iOS (7.1 and above).
  • 4. Main functions: support voice control, Siri, GPS / Waze / Google navigation app (real-time navigation), online music app, phone, screen mirroring, support iOS 13 14, multi-split windows. Update your products and applications online. Please note that the operating speed of the device is the same as that of the mobile iOS.
  • 5. Dongle-1 connection method) First, make sure the WiFi and Bluetooth mobile phone is turned on. 2) Then enter the bluetooth interface of the mobile phone to find out the product's bluetooth signal. 3) Then click "Connect" and enter the password "0000" to establish a successful connection. (Note: Car wireless connection, Bluetooth pairing, WIFI transmission. Android phones must always be connected with a USB cable.)

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