Casoda WiFi Wireless License Plate Backup Camera
Casoda WiFi Wireless License Plate Backup Camera

Casoda Wifi Wireless License Plate Rear View Camera for iPhone and Android Devices, Super Smooth Video Image with Super Strong Signal, Never Freeze Clear Image, Suitable for Car, Truck, SUV Trailer, Easy to Install

Do you need a camera that can monitor the scene behind the car at all times through a mobile phone or tablet device attached to a magnetic car phone?
Huaishan? You can also take photos, record videos, read beautiful landscapes, and share with friends
This Facebook wireless reverse camera will make your trip more safe and enjoyable.

It is a wireless reverse camera used for the wifi license plates of cars, trucks, SUVs, trucks, etc. used for broadcasting
The camera is connected to the smartphone via WiFi, and the image data is decrypted and displayed by the mobile application. Wireless application
License plate camera has a variety of functions, for example photo and video capture, playback, image reversal, and automatic LED lighting
You can control videos and photos, share them with your Facebook friends, and much more. The camera's WiFi signal is strong and the picture is clear
And it is smooth, does not freeze or slice. Once installed, you can view the images captured by the camera through the phone it is installed on
Magnetic phone holder. are you excited? Then immediately buy. We provide reliable and friendly customer service, one-year warranty, on
24 Hours and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee so you can shop safely.

Casoda WiFi Wireless License Plate Backup Camera
Casoda WiFi Wireless License Plate Backup Camera

  • Very strong signal: the wireless license plate rear view camera adopts high-sensitivity RF chips and anti-interference circuits to make the transmission distance longer and more stable, and the stable transportation distance is up to 50 feet, suitable for cars, trucks, trailers, SUVs, vans, trucks, etc.
  • Super Smooth Video Picture: Stable signal connection, high anti-interference ability, high frame rate and super smooth video image. The video image never freezes or is cut off
  • Clear picture: advanced CCD chip, high-definition wide-angle lens, lossless image data compression technology, and high-definition cell phone screen can achieve ultra-clear video images, and images are more clear and realistic
  • Very easy to install, money back guarantee: you can just install it yourself: install reversing camera with wifi license plate, choose one of the three power supply methods, mount the phone on magnetic car phone holder and you are ready to go. Reliable and friendly customer service: 1-year warranty, 24-hour response, 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Important! ! ! For iPhone: iPhone 6s and above are supported. For Android phones: Please activate WLAN on your phone, download the "Casoda" application and start it. If the application requires "This phone does not support this device", then this means that the camera is not compatible with your phone and you can try another phone. If the app doesn't ask for the message above, your phone supports this camera and you can buy it with confidence.

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