Cobra 25LTD Professional CB Radio
Cobra 25LTD Professional CB Radio

Cobra 25LTD Professional CB Emergency Radio, Travel Accessory, 9 Channels Instant, 4 Watts Power, 40 Full Channels, 9 Feet Cable, 4-Pin Connector

From natural disasters and national emergencies to unprecedented times, Cobra is the most trusted brand of communications and power solutions. We believe reliability and quality are not optional. This is our standard. In many countries / regions, Citizen Band Radio (also known as CB Radio) is a short range wireless communication system that allows people to speak over long distances. “25 LTD Classic is a solid, complete professional CB radio with the advanced features required by professional drivers. Perhaps the best option is the microphone connector on the front, which ensures permanent fixation in the control panel. Cobra also offers a 9-foot long microphone cable so you can stay in touch with it anywhere in the cabin. Other functions are: instant 9 channel, PA function, dimming control, switchable noise suppression and RF amplification.

40 CB Radio Channels

Scan the full range of 40 channels for full CB coverage.

Heavy dynamic microphone

Includes long life CB microphone.

Adjustable dynamic pulse

This function can increase microphone sensitivity to improve voice clarity.

Live Channel 9

Immediately enter emergency channel 9 to make sure you can drive safely from the start.

Switchable noise cancellation

The use of a switchable noise canceling device can reduce electrostatic or harmful interference from a vehicle engine.

Radio frequency amplification

Adjust the range of the reception sensitivity for a clear transmission.

Cobra 25LTD Professional CB Radio
Cobra 25LTD Professional CB Radio

  •     Emergency CB Radio provides reliable communication, this connection does not depend on satellite and cellular networks. This can mean the difference between expert help in an emergency and being alone when needed. Help.
  •     Instant Channel 9 - Instant access to Emergency Channel 9 to ensure safe driving from the start.
  •     9ft Microphone Cable - With a comfortable enough connection cable, you can easily use it throughout the cabin. The coiled wire extends to the desired location without restricting the call.
  •     4-Pin Microphone Connector - Allows you to choose a fitting dashboard mount for a clean, professional look. Or choose a space-saving option under the dashboard.
  •     The gift of life in motion communication can be lonely, but not necessarily. A Cobra CB Radio Gift can keep in touch this Christmas time and keep truck drivers safe.

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