Cobra 29LTD Travel Essentials CB Radio
Cobra 29LTD Travel Essentials CB Radio

Cobra 29LTD Professional CB Emergency Radio, Travel Accessories, 9 Instant Channels, 4W Power, 40 Full Channels and SWR Calibration

29 LTD Classic has over 50 years of exceptional experience in the CB class and remains the current and future radio standard for professional drivers. 29 LTD continues its original design and manufacturing recognized for performance and durability. Over the years, professionals have called for improvements to further improve performance and durability, continuing the entire Cobra tradition. CB Radio has been around since the 1930s. The fact that the Citizen Team is still in production and sales proves its reliability and practicality. Cobra restored its CB version with 29-LTD. I did a huge improvement on CB, and maybe used it a year or two ago. The main improvement of this radio includes a front microphone port that easily attaches to the dashboard. Cobra also offered a 9-foot long microphone cable whether you're in a truck or at a freight office. They can stay in contact with you from a distance. The last improvement to mention is the touch controls, which allow for safer and more precise functions. Other features are: antenna warning display, SWR calibration, 9 instantaneous channels, PA function, dimming control, switchable noise suppression, and RF amplification. At a time when the endless advancements in technology seem, it is great to see that the products we built in the late 1930s are still vibrant and sophisticated. Box One 29-LTD CB, 9-foot microphone cable, transceiver stand, microphone stand, DC power cable, user manual and contents are included in this 2-year limited warranty.

40 CB Radio Channels

Scan the full range of 40 channels for full CB coverage.

Heavy dynamic microphone

Includes long life CB microphone.

Adjustable dynamic pulse

This function can increase microphone sensitivity to improve voice clarity.

Live Channel 9

Immediately enter emergency channel 9 to make sure you can drive safely from the start.

Switchable noise cancellation

The use of a switchable noise canceling device can reduce electrostatic or harmful interference from a vehicle engine.

Cobra 29LTD Travel Essentials CB Radio
Cobra 29LTD Travel Essentials CB Radio

  •     Emergency CB Radio provides reliable communication, this connection does not depend on satellite and cellular networks. This can mean the difference between expert help in an emergency and being alone when needed. Help.
  •     Antenna warning indicator - remove the antenna. When the system needs checking, the indicator lights up automatically.
  •     4 Watts of power to offer you the best connection range with the maximum power allowed by law.
  •     Instant Channel 9 - Instant access to Emergency Channel 9 to ensure safe driving from the start.
  •     Reach channel 40: Scan the entire channel 40 for full CB Radio station coverage.
  •     The gift of life in motion communication can be lonely, but not necessarily. A Cobra CB Radio Gift can keep in touch this Christmas time and keep truck drivers safe.
  •     Display type: LED
  •     Supplied components: Unit: Operating Instructions

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