Cobra HH50WXST Hand Held CB Radio
Cobra HH50WXST Hand Held CB Radio

Cobra HH50WXST Portable Emergency Radio Travel Accessories Headphone Jack 4W Noise Cancellation and Alarm NOAA

Use Cobras HH 50 WX ST to pay anytime, anywhere. Set 40 CB and 10 additional air channels for powerful, up-to-date information on the latest road conditions. Cobra's voice tracker noise reduction system limits interference with the actual broadcast, so chatting is clearly not an issue. The bright multi-function display and sturdy case make the operation weather-independent. The powerful and feature-rich Cobra HH 50 WX ST is outfitted with a 12 volt power cord.

Cobra portable two-way radio for the CB Citizen

Compact design, portable radio with simple design, suitable for Citizen Band (CB) radio services. Citizens' bands provide the convenience of portable CB radio and inform you as far as possible so you can always stay in touch. It can fully access 10 national weather channels via portable or portable design to get the latest weather information.

Citizens Tape has 40 CB channels with high / low power switches. You can save battery power by switching to low power when chatting with close friends and then using high power for long distance conversations.

Be prepared if needed.

The charging socket can use an AC wall charger (not included) or a 12V socket in the car to charge the device's rechargeable NiMH AA battery

  •     Sound Tracker The audio tracker reduces noise by 90% and lets you hear clear calls without the distraction of static electricity and interference.
  •     Noaa Weather Channel - Access the 24-hour NOAA Weather Channel and be the first to know about imminent disasters or weather changes.
  •     Channel Search - Automatically find the channel with the best signal. You have 40 channels to choose from. You no longer need to manually search for strong signals.
  •     Dual Monitoring - Select two channels for continuous monitoring at the same time. Keep both ears open for incoming broadcasts on multiple channels so that you can hear environmental alerts.
  •     The gift of life in motion communication can be lonely, but not necessarily. A Cobra CB Radio Gift can keep in touch this Christmas time and keep truck drivers safe.

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