D-Link AX4800 WiFi 6 Router Voice Control Works
D-Link AX4800 WiFi 6 Router Voice Control Works

The voice control of the D-Link WiFi 6 AX4800 MU-MIMO router can be used with Alexa and Google Assistant, Dual Band Gigabit Gaming Internet (DIR-X4860-US).

The D-Link AX4800 Mesh WiFi 6 Router (DIR-X4860) delivers the next generation of dual-band 6-speed WiFi, capacity and coverage for connected homes today and tomorrow. The AX4800 router uses advanced features such as BSS coloring, high-power 160MHz amplifier, six simultaneous streams, OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology, which together combine high-band simultaneous broadcasting capability in 4K, FPS games and virtual meeting. The AX router has speeds of up to 600Mbps (2.4GHz) + 4200Mbps (5GHz), and D-Link WiFi Network technology provides the flexibility to connect at home to increase the speed cap. Convenient features include four gigabit Ethernet ports for faster cable connections, easy settings and advanced parental controls via the free D-Link WiFi app that maximizes users. Easy management skill. Finally, users can use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Virtual Assistant for voice control.

Next-generation WiFi 6 performance

The DIR-X4860 is four times the capacity of the previous WiFi standard and can handle almost any content that can be used in smart homes - 4K streaming, games, large file downloads, and high-end devices (such as cameras and doorbells). Provides 4200 Mbps in the 5 GHz band and 600 Mbps in the dual-band 2.4 GHz for ultra-fast WiFi speeds.

MU-MIMO technology

Suitable for multi-tasking families with simultaneous video chatting, multiplayer games and 4K streaming

Use OFDMA to transfer data more efficiently

Today's smart or internet-connected homes are full of devices that require WiFi bandwidth. Much like a full truck transporting goods, OFDMA conveys machine traffic at the same time to improve transportation efficiency.

D-Link AX4800 WiFi 6 Router Voice Control Works
D-Link AX4800 WiFi 6 Router Voice Control Works

  •  [Next Generation Speed ​​& Range] The combined speed of 4.8 Gbit / s. Compared to previous wireless standards, Wi-Fi is 90% faster at 2.4GHz and 142% faster at 5GHz. The result is better 4K streaming, games and downloads.
  • [Excellent Function] Connect more devices at higher speed. The capacity is four times that of the wireless sector, so that multiple devices can be connected simultaneously.
  • [Made for Smart Home] delivers better performance in demanding hardware environments. Up to 6 simultaneous broadcasts provide data to more devices with less delay.
  • [OFDMA] combines several small data packets into one data packet so that multiple devices can receive data at the same time.
  • [Up to 6 simultaneous streams] Stream 4K content, games and video chats simultaneously to multiple devices without interruption.
  • [Unmatched Efficiency] Higher throughput and more efficient transmission. Targeted Wake Time (TWT) helps reduce smart home device battery consumption.
  • [SmartConnect] uses only one network name and the device is automatically routed to the best wireless range to ensure optimum performance.

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