FUSTAR Band 13 Verizon Signal Booster Home
FUSTAR Band 13 Verizon Signal Booster Home

FUSTAR Mobile Phone Booster Verizon Cell Phone Sign Booster 4G LTE band 700 MHz 13 Verizon Sign Booster Home Cell Phone Booster Verizon network Booster Direct call cell phone FR Booster data and call FUSTAR

FUSTAR Verizon 4G LTE 700 MHz Mobile Signal Booster Band 13 Mobile White Signal Booster

The Verizon Mobile Phone Amplifier 4G LTE Network Repeater is designed for all North American users for use with Verizon Band 13 4G LTE wireless / pass-through network.

A Verizon Wireless Straight Talk-compatible mobile booster provider with an operating frequency of 700 MHz. Frequency range: Uplink 777-787MHz; 746-756MHz for downlink. The Verizon Cellular Signal Booster Kit is designed to solve the problem of poor 4G battery reception. It can optimize phone 4G data and improve audio / voice quality. No more missed calls and dropped calls, enjoy a faster internet connection.

FUSTAR Band 13 Verizon Signal Booster Home
FUSTAR Band 13 Verizon Signal Booster Home

  •     ▶ Improve cell reception for 4G and fast networks. Verizon FUSTAR Phone Booster is compatible with 4G LTE in the 13G frequency band. Compatible with Verizon Direct Call Cellular Service. UL Frequency Range: 776-787MHz; DL: 746-757MHz, 4G LTE Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster can improve reception performance of 4G LTE cell phones recommended for fast broadcast applications (such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn), Vine, Skype .... And download. No more storage time and network lag
  •     ▶ [4G Calls Clearer, No More Missed Calls] Verizon 4G LTE Cellphone Signal Booster can improve the sound quality in the 700MHz band of 4G LTE networks. Quality. With clearer sound at home, you will no longer have to stand by a window or talk on the phone. Say goodbye to missed and neglected calls.
  •     ▶ [65dB booster with high gain, automatic gain control, yagi alignment, and easy setting, 65dB for normal home use. Verizon 4g booster has excellent features including automatic gain control and vibration suppression, the same 50ft 4D-FB outdoor wave cable has high transmission rate, the speed and loss is very small, and the maximum can be extended to 100 feet. The external Yagi antenna pointing the phone should face the Verizon Cell Tower. Easy to install
  •     ▶ [Strong Cell Coverage of 2000 sq ft. The Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit occupies the area of ​​the house in an area of ​​1500 to 2000 square feet and allows 2 to 4 rooms with good coverage in addition to the signal booster and any internal walls between the cell phone weaken the signal and the coverage depends on the level of the external signal, the effect of the insulation of the building and the height of the external antenna The existing one, and the interior have a different base and the cell phone signal booster works to solve the problem of bad battery reception. Enjoy your good time
  •     ▶ Supports multiple users / devices, is versatile and has passed FCC certification. This Verizon 4G mobile phone signal repeater can be used with any brand of iPhone Android Tablet PC Windows Phone. Support multiple users at the same time. It is an ideal choice for home / basement / garage / office / village / factory / business / rural suburban areas ... weak signal areas etc.After FCC certification, money can be refunded in 30 days for 90 days of exchange. If you have any questions or if your experience is not perfect, please contact us

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