GL.iNet GL-MV1000W Wireless Edge Computing
GL.iNet GL-MV1000W Wireless Edge Computing

GL.iNet MV1000W (Brume-W) Wireless Gigabit VPN Gateway, 2.4G WiFi (external 5G WiFi dongle), 8GB EMMC, support microSD storage, broadband VPN, OpenWrt / LEDE, AdGuard Tor

Your privacy is safe for us

Brume-W keeps your Internet connection private by supporting multiple VPN protocols. It offers the best encryption and authentication over OpenVPN. Meanwhile, WireGuard offers a fast and easy VPN with the latest encryption technology for privacy-conscious users. You can also configure the router to act as a VPN server and you can access the server at any time.

Open source binary system - OpenWrt and Ubuntu

Brume-W comes pre-installed with OpenWrt, which can be used with Ubuntu to upgrade its advanced features, and which can be used for in-depth development of commercial IoT projects.

OpenWrt is pre-installed and provides the most secure coverage through a customizable open technology.

DNS is encrypted using Cloudflare or NextDNS

Get fast and secure DNS performance while preventing DNS hijacking and domain theft by Cloudflare. NextDNS services include ad blocking, tracking tools, and web traffic analysis capabilities.

With just one click you can freely choose between various encrypted DNS proxies (like bn, cs, d0wn, etc.).

Store big data offline

Brume-W has an 8GB EMMC (Integrated Multimedia Card) storage capacity with which you can save data offline, save bandwidth, and process data locally. Since there is enough storage space to install custom firmware, you can also enjoy fast device operation and system processing.

Brume-W has a built-in microSD slot of 256GB that is great for sharing files wirelessly.

GL.iNet GL-MV1000W Wireless Edge Computing
GL.iNet GL-MV1000W Wireless Edge Computing

  •  [Edge Computing Wireless VPN Router] Powered by Marvell Armada 88F3720, 1.0GHz dual core ARM Cortex-A53, built-in Wi-Fi module, supports external Wi-Fi dongle enabling in-depth commercial IoT project development.
  • [OPEN SOURCE & PROGRAMMABLE] OpenWrt / LEDE is pre-installed and supported by repository. Ubuntu support (
  • [Maximum Memory & Expansion] 1GB DDR4 / 16MB flash memory, 8GB EMMC, 128GB MicroSD slot, USB Type-C power interface, three Gigabit Ethernet connections. The pocket size is light and compact (115g).
  • [Add an extra layer of security] OpenVPN and WireGuard are pre-installed and compatible with 30+ commercial VPN service providers. High-speed VPN performance up to 280 Mbps. Tor service installed. AdGuard Support, very suitable for blocking ads and online trackers.
  • [Products purchased] GL-MV1000W WiFi VPN Router (Brume-W) (1 year warranty), 5V-3A power supply, 0.8m Type-C power cord, Ethernet cable and power supply user. Before use, please follow the steps in this link to update the latest firmware: latest firmware /

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