GOODBONG Car Trucks Rear View Backup Camera
GOODBONG Car Trucks Rear View Backup Camera

GOODBONG Car Reversing Camera - Reversing camera and reversing camera for cars, SUVs and trailers

Why do you need a license plate rear view camera?

As a beginner, going back is a headache as distance cannot be measured. It is easy to scratch vehicles or other objects when returning to a narrow alley or parking lot, and the blind spots in the sight of the car make it easy to overcome obstacles behind the car.


1. This rear view camera is very suitable for rear view. Screen / LCD / Screen / Display / Radio is not included.
2. Install the camera on the board and direct the wires inward (when adjusting the wire direction, do not press on the wires / cables because the pinched wires will damage the camera then drill a hole to pass the wires through it can. If needed before).
3- The final definition of the image depends on the resolution of the car's screen.

Easy to install:

1. Install the camera near the license plate area, rear window, or other convenient location
2- Adjust the viewfinder to get full rear view clarity
3. Connect the power cord (red and black) to a 12 volt DC power source
4- Connect the video output (yellow cable) of the camera to the car screen

GOODBONG Car Trucks Rear View Backup Camera
GOODBONG Car Trucks Rear View Backup Camera

  • [Easy Installation] This universal rear view camera can be easily installed at the existing license plate installation site without drilling and without changing the original chassis and vehicle shape. If you are not used to installing aftermarket cameras, consult a skilled technician or contact us. Reverse camera for trucks, reverse camera.
  • Wide Compatibility] Supports 12V DC power supply, very suitable for all vehicles with US standard license plates and driving safety for emergency vehicles. This is a universal rear view camera suitable for cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, SUVs, vans, RVs, vans, tractors, trailers, reversing cars / reverse cameras / parking cameras.
  • (9 LED night vision lights 9 super bright LED lights illuminate the picture when the daylight is not enough, and the clear image greatly improves the night vision ability. When reverse gear is engaged, the sensor will automatically turn on lights to give you the best parking visibility. Thanks to the rear camera, you can easily see the traffic behind the vehicle, day and night.
  • Excellent waterproof design IP68 waterproof, even in rain, snow, fog / hot weather, you can see the road conditions clearly. The rear view camera with license plate can still operate normally in bad weather and provides clear images instantly. Even in the rain or after washing the car, the reversing camera will never fail.
  • [Wide field of view, adjustable angle] The wider the field of view, the smaller the blind spot. Perfect design with 140 ° viewing angle can ensure sufficient visibility while driving and standing, avoiding most blind spots and safe driving / reversing. The lens can be rotated 45 degrees, allowing you to set the camera to the most suitable position to effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents.

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