HogoR HomePatrol-2 Color Program Digital Scanner
HogoR HomePatrol-2 Color Program Digital Scanner

HogoR Patrol 2 Digital Scanner with Color Touch Screen, TrunkTracker V, S.A.M.E. Emergency / Weather Warning for USA and Canada, Quick Record, Playback with HogoR-Auto and USB Charger

Digital skills

Receive all unencrypted and proprietary radio systems, including APCO-25 primary and secondary digital channels, Motorola channels, EDACS, LTR, conventional analog channels and P25 digital channels.

Use the phone on the phone holder

Install the Uniden HomePatrol Scanner in the car and connect it to the car's speaker to get the most recent information anytime anywhere. GPS tracking can provide accurate positioning so that you can get the best coverage when traveling.

Easy to use with a touch screen

Use this scanner to easily listen to the radio in your area. Use the digital touch screen to display the list of wireless services, then select the service you want to listen to. You can set up a local fire station, police station, or wireless link.

HomePatrol-2 is a simple software scanner

Use Uniden's simple HomePatrol 2 software scanner to get the most up-to-date and frequently updated information. Simply enter your zip code or city on the easy-to-use touch screen and the scanner will hear broadcasts in your area. The scanner is configured to activate two-way radio signals and allows you to quickly eavesdrop on communications systems used by public security, aircraft, the military, weather watchers, etc.

HogoR HomePatrol-2 Color Program Digital Scanner
HogoR HomePatrol-2 Color Program Digital Scanner

  •     HomePatrol-2 is one of the most popular digital police scanners on the market. With this template, you can hear the communication systems used by public security, police, firefighters, ambulances, airplanes, military, weather, etc. Contains TrunkTracker V, S, A, M, E, emergency / weather alarm and APCO P25 Phases 1 and 2!
  •     Just enter your Zip Code and Home Patrol-2 will do the rest. With HomePatrol-2, you can update anytime, anywhere, in town or across the street. Thanks to digital capabilities, it can receive all unencrypted and proprietary radio systems, including Level 1 and 2 digital channels APCO-25, Motorola, EDACS, LTR, and both conventional analog and digital P25 channels. Covers the United States and Canada. It can also be equipped with a GPS receiver.
  •     Box Includes: HomePatrol-2 Scanner, Flexible Antenna, Desk Stand, USB Cable, 4 NiMH AA Rechargeable Batteries, SMA-BNC Adapter, Module and User's Manual.
  •     Note: No AC or DC power supplies are included. A USB cable is included to power the device and / or to charge NiMH batteries. Use this cable to connect HomePatrol-2 to a standard smartphone USB power adapter (not included) or to a computer USB port with DC5V output (not included).
  •     HogoR Car Charger and HogoR USB Charger - HogoR car charger supports charging two devices at the same time with a fast wireless charger and HogoR USB charger, Qualcomm Quick Dual Charging 3.0, built-in smart chip, compatible with Fast WiFi charger, two charges charge each device 2.5 times faster - Small and light in size Weight, universal iOS and Android compatibility, and long-lasting protection against drops, scratches, and dirt.

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