JACOOL Dual Band Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster
JACOOL Dual Band Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster

JACOOL Verizon AT&T Dual Band 700MHz 13/12/17 FDD 4G LTE Cell Phone Signal Repeater American Cell Phone Signal Repeater for Home Office

 - JACOOl mobile phone signal amplifier can work at 700MHz. 13.12.17 Verizon / AT & T / T-Mobile Dual Network Frequency, Transmission (Verizon): 776MHz-787MHz, Downlink: 746MHz-757MHz, (AT & T / T-Mobile) 698MHz-716MHz, Downlink: 728MHz - 746MHz. This amplifier helps amplify weak signals up to 5,000 square feet. You get fewer dropped calls, longer battery life, higher quality audio, faster data and streaming. moving in. It covers multiple devices within its frequency range. Indoor coverage depends on the available external signal strength.

- JACOOL cell phone signal booster comes with an external Yagi antenna and an internal panel antenna directly connected to the signal repeater for easy setup. Yagi's outdoor antennas make it easy to install a home signal booster - just place it on the roof, hang it up, and turn it on. The upgrade kit has been converted into a high-tech liquid crystal display with LCD that can show its working condition and aims to make the operation more convenient and easier for users.

The mobile phone signal booster will increase the existing signal to more bars, then you can enjoy 4G LTE broadband internet faster. Coverage can reach 4,000 to 5,000 square feet.
Stop missed and abandoned calls

The dual frequency signal booster improves the call quality and creates a better audio environment. please stop

Verizon / ATT / T-Mobile Signal Booster with LCD

The 65dB high gain signal amplifier is designed to reduce missed / missed calls, extend battery life, and offer better sound quality, faster data and streaming. Supports multiple home and office users at the same time.

JACOOL Dual Band Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster
JACOOL Dual Band Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster

  •     ▶ [Best 4G LTE Data & Voice] JACOL Dual Band 700MHz Booster can optimize 4G LTE voice and data for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. Work frequency: Band 13 and Band 12/17. Signal booster is designed to help you reduce missed / missed calls, extend battery life and provide better sound quality and faster data transmission. Use high tech LCD screen to display working status.
  •     ▶ Support and use of multiple cell phones] - High gain 65 dB signal amplifier increases weak signal from 1 to 2 bar at home to 3 to 5 bar; It improves cellular service for all mobile phone brands such as iPhone, Samsung and HTC and supports multiple users at the same time. Offer clear calling and uninterrupted data to all users and enjoy a more relaxed family life or a more efficient workplace.
  •     ▶ [Max Range of 5000 Square Feet] - Cell phone booster has a high gain internal panel and an external Yagi antenna gives you good cell coverage with a maximum coverage of 4000-5000 square feet. Pick up your home, office, villa, garage, basement, etc. The external antenna should be directed towards the next signal tower. For optimal reception, please download the "Open Signal" application.
  •     ▶ EXCELLENT FUNCTION AND EASY TO INSTALL - Cell phone booster has functions like automatic gain control, idle mode and fluctuation removal. If installed correctly, it can be set by yourself to get better performance regardless of change in signal condition. No technical expertise required, plug-and-play and easy installation.

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