JPP Waterproof Reverse Backup Cameras for Car
JPP Waterproof Reverse Backup Cameras for Car

Reversing Camera JPP -170 Degree Angle Car Rear View Camera Waterproof Reverse Night Vision Devices, Infrared LED with 4

Backup camera

  • As a thriving OEM electronic products manufacturer and first-class ODM factory, JPP has managed to satisfy the most requirements of customers all over the world. We have always believed that customer experience is more important than short-term profits, which is why we work together to innovate, design, manufacture and responsibly improve our products and services.
  • Notes:
  • JPP is ideal for a rear view camera. / LCD / Screen / Display / Radio not included.
  • When this car rear camera is connected with a RADIO factory JPP device, please program the appropriate system and programmer separately to complete the installation due to different needs of different radio beams and programmers work together.
  • The camera on the board and the indication of the son of the internal electrode (the direction of the wire is connected in the setting to avoid the wire / cable pressure, the extruded wire can damage the camera and, if necessary, drill a hole in the wire allowing,).
  • Disconnect the red tape and the RCA power cord line, and attach it to the strap on the vehicle.
  • If your host has a drive train extension, usually a pink line, please locate and connect the drive train extension (red lines to the nearest RCA / AV connector).
  • If the image on the screen is blurry, flashing, or showing horizontal or vertical lines, check all the power and video connections. You can use other grounding elements (iron element), power and video and wrapped with electrical tape to protect them from interference. If it is still fuzzy, flashing / flashing, with horizontal or vertical stripes, request a 12v power supply rectifier to solve the filtration, especially for commercial Dodge VW AUDI BMW Mercedes Benz cars.
  • Before the wizard, in the absence of an image on the screen, in addition to checking the camera, but also checking the display settings. You can use other devices with RCA sockets (such as a TV) to verify that the camera is working.

Small metal case

JPP small back camera: 1.06 * 1.06 * 0.827 inch, with zinc alloy hard cover material.

JPP F1.8 built-in backup viewfinder wide opened, you can see more than just seeing in the mirror much more. This can help you avoid blind spots involved in accidents.

JPP Waterproof Reverse Backup Cameras for Car
JPP Waterproof Reverse Backup Cameras for Car

  • Super Car Camera - 5 lenses in split nano optical glass, 170 degree viewing angle filter, 782 x 582 pixels and four infrared LED 480TVL, all these technologies from ultra high resolution camera, but also for night vision camera. It is totally inverted which can save the car day and night to make the vision lighter, safer and better.
  • Waterproof Camera - The driving camera is sealed with bubble gum after long-term testing and getting IP68 rating, so in rainy and foggy weather, you can enjoy better picture.
  • Safe Driving Range Finder - The rear camera has a clear view of the line range finder so you don't have to rely on the side mirror. As a rear camera, parking in a narrow space or reversing with limited visibility is a good option.
  • Safe Parking - The built-in camera supports AV interface, and you can connect it to your car's DVD navigation system. It is also suitable for versatile backup camera for various cars that helps you find dangerous situations without turning around.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - It is a wall mounted video camera, a few minutes to complete the installation. The camera can be easily installed anywhere at the rear of the vehicle, including the license plate, or near the rear bumper.

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