KIWI design Head Strap Cover for VR Headset
KIWI design Head Strap Cover for VR Headset

KIWI Design Headband for VR Display LED headphone accessories, with comfortable PU leather, washable and sweat-proof

The purpose of the KIWI design headband protective cover is to ensure that the headset stays clean and free of dust. A must-have for use at home, at virtual reality parties, or at professional events.

Headband cap designed by KIWI protects the original foam from repeated wear, prolongs service life and reduces dust accumulation. With the protective cover you can enjoy more VR time.

Good flexibility

The high quality PU leather has better elasticity than other common materials and brings you more comfort.

Easy to clean

You can wipe the surface with a damp cloth or cotton paper to keep it clean at all times.


You can also remove the cap from the headband and wash it with water if needed.

Simple reminder

We recommend that you connect the charging cable to the position shown in the picture and mark our corresponding markings on the headband cap, so that your gaming experience is not affected by the cables.

KIWI design Head Strap Cover for VR Headset
KIWI design Head Strap Cover for VR Headset

  • Anti-sweat LED display The ultra-soft PU cover is very suitable for the back of the head. It solves the problem of sweating, prevents stains on the headband, keeps the LED indicator clean and makes you look more interesting in virtual reality games
  • More hygienic Made of high quality PU leather, washable and replaceable. It can also protect the original foam from abrasion during daily use, thus increasing its life and reducing the accumulation of bacteria and dirt.
  • Sturdy Fitting - Secure it to the valve gauge with magic nylon tape. Simply wrap the back of the valve gauge with magic tape to hold it in a comfortable position
  • EASY TO USE - Easy to assemble and disassemble, the integrated design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble quickly without difficulty
  • What you get - 1 * LED indicator head cover and 1 * user manual

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