LOVPOI 7 Inch GPS Navigation for Car Truck RV
LOVPOI 7 Inch GPS Navigation for Car Truck RV

LOVPOI GPS Navigation for 7-inch US Trucks and Trucks, Maps USA, Mexico, and Canada 2020 (Free Lifetime Updates), LOVPOI GPS for Commercial Truck Driver Systems, Step-by-Step Instructions and Driver Warnings

  • (If you want to update the latest map (or EU, UK, Ireland, Australia, etc.), please install the pre-installed Free Lifetime Map Update which includes the latest North America 2020 detailed map and Free Lifetime Map Update for USA, Canada And Mexico. ), Contact us to get the latest map by connecting LOVPOI GPS Navigator to Windows PC or use external TF card to update map (if system is not compatible with Mac).
  • Easy to use] LOVPOI navigation system contains 2D and 3D navigation map and the screen is clear and accurate. Professional GPS Navigator is easy to use with 7.0 inch touch screen, large screen clear and sensitive and 800 x 480 resolution.
  • [Advanced GPS Navigator] LOVPOI GPS Navigator supports many vehicle modes including cars, trucks (including utility units / tractors), recreational vehicles (RVs), ambulances, buses, and taxis. Truck Positioning Examples: Truck-specific instructions for truck size and weight, warnings about deck height and projected weight, smart acoustic alarm for dangerous bends and gear changes, high-speed cameras, level crossings, animal crossings and traffic lights.
  • Better navigation Choose voice-activated voice from over 40 languages ​​gives you voice navigation so you don't have to look constantly at the GPS screen. FM amplification function (without broadcast): it can transmit the navigation voice to the car radio, increase the volume of the navigation broadcast and make it more clear. It makes your driving safer, reduces driving fatigue, avoids tickets and just enjoys your driving pleasure.
  • [LOVPOI-Support] LOVPOI has set up a professional technical team in USA which provides map updates regularly and answers all questions. * Note: After receiving the GPS, use the car charger to fully charge it before use. If you can't find the satellite signals, this might be your home. Please look again for external signals.

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