MASiKEN Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controller Grip Cover
MASiKEN Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controller Grip Cover

MASiKEN Touch Control Grip Cover for Oculus Quest 2 with adjustable wrist strap and anti-drop handle

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Touch the handle cover

The product uses high quality silicone material, which can effectively protect the handle from sweat during the experiment. It has soft and smooth handle and anti-drop convex points, and improves sealing between button and handle sag to prevent sag. It makes the experience more immersive, does not affect the position of the handle and improves the interactive conversation between virtual reality and reality

Joint belt

With high quality polyurethane hinge tape, you can place it without having to put your hands on the console. The adjustable lanyard design can be used with different sized hands to perfectly fit your hands and controls. It can be used with the original tape to provide more protection and stability when using the console.

VR lens protection cover

The VR lens hood is made of soft foam and fabric fully integrated into Oculus Quest 2, which does not separate the lens and protects it from scratches and damages. Scratch and dust resistant.

MASiKEN Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controller Grip Cover
MASiKEN Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controller Grip Cover

  • [The perfect touch console grip cover is specially designed for Oculus Quest 2 to prevent the touch controller from falling off during gaming. It protects the touch screen controller from bumps, scratches and dirt.
  • [New Version Setting] This new cover for the touch controller handle is better than before, easier to use and does not affect the touch controller signal reception
  • High quality touch controller grip cover made of premium quality TPU plastic. The adjustable belt is made of soft fabric and silicone resin, which has wear resistance, elasticity and slip resistance
  • The easy-to-use Velcro lock securely secures the touch console and anti-drop handle cover. The handle cover is held in three fixed and adjustable positions, and the tightness is adjusted according to each person's comfort size
  • [Value Pack] You get 2 km of grip protection, two hinged belts, two hands, a front sun visor, and two button covers

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