PORMIDO PR998U Car 12 inch Mirror Dash Cam
PORMIDO PR998U Car 12 inch Mirror Dash Cam

PORMIDO 12 Inch Mirror Recorder with Independent Front Camera, 1920p FHD Anti-Glare Touchscreen, Rear View Camera, Sony Dual Lens, Super Night Vision, Parking Screen

Great night vision, without overexposure

The front and rear cameras are equipped with a SONY IMX335 F / 2.0 sensor aperture, which can be used to capture high-resolution images even in poor lighting conditions. HDR 6 glass lens can filter the overexposure of other headlights so that you can see the license plate clearly in night vision for safe driving.

Reversing camera with water and weather resistance

With the included stand, you can attach the reversing camera inside or outside the vehicle. The camera is waterproof and can stand out well even in extreme temperatures from 4 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit in various climates.

Extension cable for large vehicles

The cable provided is 33 feet long and will fit most vehicles. For larger vehicles like trucks, trailers, RVs, RVs, and vans we have prepared an additional 49 feet of cable, trucks, fifth wheel, etc. (not included). If the supplied 33ft cable is not enough to meet your needs, you can purchase another 49ft cable (B08DXYCLL4) from us.

Repeat exposure and high sensitivity G-sensor

The dash cam always overwrites the oldest photos with the latest clips to save space so the SD card is not full. The G-Sensor can automatically detect collisions and block video from clues - locked emergency coil is not covered.

GPS antenna and call function

GPS antenna (not included) is used to record additional information such as driving speed, driving direction, routine procedures etc.as an indicative logging file. You can only reach them through our service.

Parking monitor with car battery protection

A wire stack is held in portrait position and the camera turns on automatically when it detects a collision. The 30-second video is then blocked and stopped. The hard-wire array can turn off power when the battery is low, so it will never drain the car battery through continuous recording.

PORMIDO PR998U Car 12 inch Mirror Dash Cam
PORMIDO PR998U Car 12 inch Mirror Dash Cam

  • [12 Inch Industrial Mirror Camera with Split Front Mirror The PORMIDO front camera and rearview mirror are separate and comes with a 1 meter extension cable so that you can place it in different areas of the windshield to provide different viewing angles. The front mirror is not blocked by sunscreens or other devices, which means more blind spots in the front view can be avoided.
  • [Better protection against glare and exposure differs from most drive recorder mirror screens. Even in bright light, the PORMIDO fully laminated screen can be glare-free, and the front and rear cameras are equipped with SONY IMX335 HDR 6-layer glass sensors. The photo or the DVR will not be overexposed and the headlights of other cars are illuminated, so you can see each panel clearly at night for safe driving.
  • [Adjustable recoil line and longer extension line You can adjust the parking line to suit your vehicle for easy reversing. The 33-foot cable is sufficient for most models. You can also order 49ft cable (not included) from us for big trucks, trailers, RVs, RVs, vans, etc. If necessary, please insufficient included replacement camera cable.
  • [Interchangeable mirror / mirror image and multiple functions] The reverse image is interchangeable between the mirror image and the inverted image so that the license plate can be easily recognized. Repeated recording enables continuous recording and replacing old clips with new ones. Files are saved and edited. Front and rear views can be displayed simultaneously on split screen as shown on TV. GPS antenna (not included) can add vehicle speed and movement to the recorded files for more evidence.
  • 【Parking monitor with battery protection when parking. Once a collision is detected, the HD mirror camera automatically turns on and off after 30 seconds of blocking the emergency video. That way, even when the car is parked for you

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