Ranger Professional PPR-TLM1 40 Channel CB Radio
Ranger Professional PPR-TLM1 40 Channel CB Radio

PPR-TLM1 Ranger Professional 40 Channel AM Portable CB Radio With TFT Screen And Microphone SRA-198 With Noise Canceling

The PPR-TLM1 Ranger Professional 40 Channel Cellular (CB) radio has a compact structure and is the same size as the Cobra 29 CB radio. The PPR-TLM1 comes with the popular Ranger's SRA-198 Noise Canceling Microphone. The radio has a 4-pin front microphone jack with a mounting bracket, component parts and fittings. Wireless functions include volume / volume control, microphone gain / RF gain control, RF output power and response, automatic noise cancellation and automatic noise limiter (ANL), 19-channel switch and channel control. PPR-TLM1 has a large TFT display with various radio information and digital meter displays. You can also upload your own picture and show it on TFT Radio screen. PPR-TLM1 has a built-in MP3 player that has a USB port on the front and an SD card slot.

  •  40-Channel Radio CB Mobile-Cobra Frame 29 sizes
  • It has a 4-pin microphone jack on the front with the SRA-198 noise cancellation microphone
  • Create through hole components
  • Blue channel LED display and large TFT display
  • Variable repeater and RF output power

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