SuperBars Cell Phone Booster for Truck
SuperBars Cell Phone Booster for Truck

SuperBars cell phone booster for trucks, trailers, RVs, SUVs, ATVs and vans, compatible with all US carriers - Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile 2G 3G 4G LTE cellular booster on all mobile devices

Advantages of SUPERBars mobile sound booster

1- It reduces the number of abandoned calls and improves reception. With the signal amplifier you can hear the sound
It is clear that someone is on the other end of your call, and vice versa.

2. You will have less connection problems and better reception. With the signal amplifier you can hear the sound
The person on the other end of the call and vice versa.

3- Reducing the frequency or size of the dead zone. This is useful if you drive a lot in these areas.

4. Reliable data upload and download using this device. Users can upload and download media content
More quickly. You can also stream music and videos seamlessly.

5- Faster SMS sending - no more delays in sending and sending messages.
6. Long battery life - If you bought a cell phone signal booster, your phone doesn't need to work
Difficult because weak signals will not reconnect.

SuperBars Cell Phone Booster for Truck
SuperBars Cell Phone Booster for Truck

  •     🚛 [Broadband Compatibility] - The Cellular Receiver Amplifier can be used with all US carriers including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Straight Talk, US cellular support, and all networked cell phones and devices (smartphones, tablets, cards Data, hotspots, Wi-Fi, laptops, etc.).
  •     🚛 [Multi-user support] - The truck mobile phone signal booster can support multiple users at the same time, so everyone in the truck has higher signal and usage needs and can be used with portable chargers.
  •     🚛 [Especially suitable for ships, trucks, and RVs] has a continuous automatic signal tuning function that can help you get the best performance on RVs, trucks, boats, boats, RVs and SUVs. Then the phone booster amplifies the signal and sends it back using the antenna. This way, your phone can easily pick up signals in tunnels and rural areas.
  •     🚛 [DIY Cell Phone Signal Booster] - The package includes all installation components. You can install Signal Booster according to the instructions at no additional cost.
  •     🚛 [FCC & IC Certified, Three Year Warranty] - We provide US technical support (chat, online ticket, phone, email). All parts of the Hiboost battery holder are made of robust, standard, commercial grade materials. No need to worry about overheating due to malfunction caused by Metal HiBoost Jacket to have strong heat dissipation ability.

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