SureCall EZ 4G Plug-and-Play Cell Phone Signal Booster
SureCall EZ 4G Plug-and-Play Cell Phone Signal Booster

SureCall EZ 4G Home Mobile Phone Signal Enhancement Suite & Performance Optimization - 3G / 4G LTE optimization for all network operators

SureCall's revolutionary EZ 4G setup takes just minutes and provides unparalleled signal optimization without compromising performance. With the latest technology and stylish plug-and-play design, EZ 4G can optimize the internal cell phone signals of all wireless carriers in North America without drilling holes or installing antennas on the phone. 'Abroad. Calls and slow 4G LTE data transfers are a thing of the past. EZ 4G can clearly and consistently cover all cellular devices in one or two rooms (up to 2000 square feet). Use SureCall EZ 4G to eliminate the problem of weak and unreliable cell phone signals. With an industry-leading 3-year warranty, SureCall proudly stands behind its products and underscores the importance of a great user experience.

Update your bar

The revolutionary SureCall EZ 4G Mobile Signal Booster can be installed in minutes without drilling holes or installing an external antenna to boost the cell phone signal indoors.

The easy-to-install suite provides the largest voice, text and 4G LTE data of any carrier in North America and covers an area of ​​2,000 square feet or two.

EZ 4G booster

The EZ 4G amplifier with built in antenna can collect and amplify the cell phone signal received from the cell phone tower.

Reinforcement includes a movable beam and a tape that can be attached directly to the window. The EZ 4G connects to a wall socket using a standard AC power supply.

Office antenna

The EZ 4G desktop antenna (omnidirectional) re-sends cellular signals to multiple mobile devices.

EZ 4G is designed for sites with cellular signals and window antennas should be placed.

Like all signal enhancement products, EZ 4G cannot generate a signal if there is no signal. Instead, the antenna picks up the existing signal, amplifies it, and then sends the enhanced signal back to areas with little or no coverage. It is important to find a place where the signal captured by the window antenna is consistent, which improves system performance.

The indoor coverage area is directly related to the current signal strength at the window position. Note: If the signal at the window location is weak, we recommend using a kit equipped with an external ceiling antenna to capture a stronger signal, for example b. Fusion4Home.


EZ 4G is the first of its kind. It's a plug-and-play mobile booster that can be set up in minutes and includes voice, text, and 4G LTE data from all carriers in North America (including Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint) and T-Mobile).

Group content

EZ 4G booster with built-in antenna, desktop antenna, RG-6 coaxial cable (50ft) and AC power. The EZ 4G has a movable mount and a tape that attaches directly to the window.


EZ 4G improves signal strength for multiple concurrent users and covers one to two rooms with a maximum coverage of 2,000 square feet. * 5G-EZ 4G compatible mobile phones can boost voice data and 4G LTE network on 5G mobile phones / devices

SureCall EZ 4G Plug-and-Play Cell Phone Signal Booster
SureCall EZ 4G Plug-and-Play Cell Phone Signal Booster

  •     Boost voice, text and 4G LTE signal strength from all cell phones to all cellular carriers in North America and cover one or two rooms. The coverage area changes depending on the signal in the window.
  •     Support multiple devices and users at the same time, providing improved signal coverage from indoor mobile phones for clearer and more reliable voice and data performance.
  •     Reduce missed and missed calls and extend battery life for multiple cell phones.
  •     With a plug-and-play signal booster, a simple DIY installation can be done in minutes without drilling holes or installing external antennas.
  •     1-2 bar ~ 500 sq ft, 3-4 bar ~ 1000 sq ft, 5 bar ~ 2000 sq ft

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