TechRise HD Universal 3D VR Headse Virtual Reality
TechRise HD Universal 3D VR Headse Virtual Reality

TechRise 3D Virtual Reality Glasses, HD Blu-ray Protection Virtual Reality Glasses Compatible with iPhone and Android Phones, Adjustable Virtual Reality Glasses for Children and Adults

90-100 degree field of view

Using professional optical lens materials, a viewing angle of 100 ° FOV which is closer to the actual viewing angle of the human eye, integrating immersive sound and 3D vision, this is a great experience

Enjoy 3D content

Techrise virtual reality headset is 100% 3D compatible so you can watch your favorite 3D movies.

Headphone and VR lens binocular viewing mode provides a perfect stereo experience.

Immersive visual experience

TechRise 3D VR Headset delivers high quality, easy-to-use design, and delivers great 3D virtual reality vision. Watch virtual reality videos and enjoy unprecedented horror.

Great gift

Buy these advanced virtual reality glasses for your toddlers or give it as a Christmas, holiday or Christmas gift to the kids of family members or friends who know the latest gadgets.

TechRise HD Universal 3D VR Headse Virtual Reality
TechRise HD Universal 3D VR Headse Virtual Reality

  • High-definition lenses for eye protection: The high-definition lenses with high resolution and light transmittance can ensure clear images and effectively eliminate eye fatigue and dizziness. To ensure your viewing experience, our gaming headsets provide FD and OD adjustments to expand the field of view and straighten myopia to the side to reduce distortion.
  • FREE SLIP: The fully adjustable headband, eye protection system and soft nose pads can reduce tension and provide a comfortable experience. You can follow the changes in the virtual world to tweak your site without slipping.
  • Creative design: exquisite and elegant appearance, energy-saving, high-precision ABS + PC environmental protection material, high-quality leather, elastic sponge pad. The built-in removable and breathable leather cushion keeps the VR glasses clean and feels good when watching it.
  • Wide compatibility: The gyro sensor supports almost all smartphone models with 3.5 ”and 6.1” screens. No matter if your phone system is running Android system or another system, you can use 3D virtual reality to watch movies and play different games on video player.
  • Outreach service: VR viewers are provided by a special free VR content list for VR games and VR experiences. When inviting your family and friends to the magical world of virtual reality, the VR headsets are a great gift for adults and children. Show your classy work and your courage!

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