Telincall AT&T Signal Booster for Cell Phone
Telincall AT&T Signal Booster for Cell Phone

Telincall's 4G Cell Phone Signal Boost Kit is used for AT&T 700 MHz band 12/17 in the USA to optimize data and voice for AT&T T-Mobile Cricket. Feet.

  •     [Frequency Band] Please confirm the LTE frequency band before purchasing. The 4G Signal Booster Antenna can be used with AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Cricket Wireless and Straight Talk in the 12/17 frequency band. Choosing the right frequency band is very important.
  •     Suspend and turn off the 4G Module Signal Booster to weaken external signals and deliver stronger signals inside. You get fewer dropped calls, better sound quality and a faster internet connection that you can stream to your home or office.
  •     [Coverage] Cell phone signal booster supports multiple devices within the same frequency band / carrier. Mobile signal repeater coverage can reach 2000-3000 square feet. (Note: Indoor signal coverage depends on available external signal strength and building structure.)
  •     [Easy to install. Simply install the outdoor antenna as high as possible on the roof of the house, direct it to the base station, place the indoor ceiling antenna in the middle of the room ceiling, direct the cable and connect the power supply.
  •     [Service Warranty] 1-month free replacement, 2-year factory warranty. If you have any questions or if your experience is unsatisfactory, please contact us. We will do what we can to solve your problem.

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