ThaiGEX Virtual Reality Headset for Movies and Games
ThaiGEX Virtual Reality Headset for Movies and Games

VR glasses, ThaiGEX virtual reality glasses for movies and games, compatible virtual reality glasses for iPhone and Android phones, 2K anti-blue lens, two-pupil and adjustable object space, light weight

2 kg cups

Our virtual reality glasses use anti-blue light lenses, which can effectively remove 80% of blue light radiation, take care of your eyes and reduce eye fatigue. The high transmittance lens provides better clarity and supports 2K images.

Easy to prepare and use

The VR headset can easily adjust the object distance and the pupil distance. Even if eyesight (nearsightedness or hyperopia) and the distance between the two pupils are different for everyone, a clear image can be obtained by adjusting the knob.

Light and comfortable design

With new synthetic materials, it is 35% lighter than the previous generation and does not feel any pressure when worn on the head. The sloping surface design and the smooth breathable polyurethane leather make it comfortable to wear and not easy to tire.

Support myopia and hyperopia

When the degree of nearsightedness or nearsightedness is less than 600 degrees, you can adjust the body distance to see the image clearly without wearing myopia or nearsighted glasses. If it exceeds 600 degrees, you can also wear glasses to watch the virtual reality glasses.

Fast heat dissipation

With mobile heat in mind, we designed a detachable tablet to accelerate heat dissipation. You can remove the card from the VR headset to enhance heat dissipation and improve phone performance and battery life.

ThaiGEX Virtual Reality Headset for Movies and Games
ThaiGEX Virtual Reality Headset for Movies and Games

  • New promotions and perfect gifts in 2021: VR glasses use the latest technology and design, use super bright 2K glasses and lenses, and the body is made of comfortable polyurethane fabrics and ultra-light materials. Create high resolution and realism the standard photorealistic glasses for comfort and health. This premium virtual reality headset is a perfect gift for children or friends.
  • Ergonomics and Ergonomic Design: The VR headphones provide the best ergonomic design. After making some improvements to our design, they greatly improve the ergonomic experience. The design of the nose bridge and the headrest made of PU leather can reduce the pressure on the nose and head, and it will not feel tired after long-term use. PU mask, breathable, soft and comfortable.
  • 2K Anti-Blue Light Lens: VR glasses headphone uses high transmittance lens to ensure better clarity and supports 2K image quality. Meanwhile, the VR headset is equipped with an anti-bluish lens to protect your eyesight and reduce eye strain. In short, the lens used in the VR glasses not only has clear image quality but also takes care of your health.
  • Adjustable pupil distance and object distance: Just adjust the button on top of the 3D glasses to adjust pupil distance and object distance and get the clearest picture. Regardless of whether you are short-sighted or far-sighted, adjusting the knobs will help you have a better 3D experience.
  • Perfect Compatibility: Compatible with all smartphones between 4.7 and 6.7 inches, whether Android or Apple smartphones. Including Iphone 6S / 6SP / 7 / 7P / 8 / 8P / XS / XR / 11/11 Pro Max / 12 Mini / 12/12 Pro / Pro Max, Samsung S7 / 8/9/10/20 series, NOTE 8/9/10/20 Series, Google Pixel, LG, Huawei and other Android smartphones.

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