Uniden PRO510XL Radio and Accessory Bundle
Uniden PRO510XL Radio and Accessory Bundle

Uniden PRO510XL Radio Accessory and Accessory Set - 5 Pieces - Including Uniden PRO510XL 40 Channel CB Radio with Shark Antenna, 2 Inch Antenna, Frame, 12 Inch Coaxial Cable, Ham Directions Quick Reference Card

Uniden PRO510XL Features:
The Uniden Professional PRO510XL Series Powerful CB Diffuser provides high performance with a compact and durable CB diffuser that can transmit 40 channels. It is very popular in industrial, commercial and off-road applications.

The PRO510XL can operate at the FCC approved frequency of 40 AM. With the S / RF counter and the red glowing LED, you can easily monitor the activity.

Built-in noise selector, ANL switch, and mute can improve performance and eliminate noise. The 4-pin front microphone features an extra long winding that is easy to use.

The package includes:

  •      Uniden PRO510XL Compact Pro 40-channel radio
  •      Shark Antenna TS821-2B 2ft CB 1/4 helical wave antenna
  •      Premium aluminum frame with 3/4 x 24-pin SO-239 connector
  •      The RG-58 is a 12-foot, low-loss coaxial cable with cast PL-259 conductor
  •      Ham GuidesTM Quick Start Guide

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