Uniden PRO520XL Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radio
Uniden PRO520XL Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radio

CB Radio 40 Channel Uniden PRO520XL Pro. Compact design. ANL button and PA / CB button. 7W audio output, 9-channel instant emergency call signal in black, and TRAM 703-HC CB antenna array

CB Radio 40 Channel Uniden PRO520XL Pro. Compact design. ANL button and PA / CB button. Emergency Audio Output 7 Watt 9 Channels - Black
Uniden Radio Cb 2Way Cb 40Ch Compact 7Wat

CB TRAM 703-HC Antenna Kit
Connect your CB to the CB antenna assembly of the tram. The 703-HC includes a 2-inch antenna covering all CB frequencies, a 3-inch magnetic bracket, a damper spring, a stainless steel whip, and a 9.5-foot RG58 cable that connects to the PL-259 is.

  •     The Uniden Professional PRO520XL Series Powerful CB Radio can provide 4W full transmission power, with RF gain control, powerful and compact cover and CB radio for 40 channels playback.
  •     The PRO520XL 4-pin electronic front microphone has long coil, LED S / RF indication, 9-channel instant emergency, transmission indication, automatic noise selector, universal address switch, volume control, silencer check, etc.
  •     It is very popular in industrial, commercial and off-road applications. Due to its compact size, it easily fits most vehicles.
  •     The built-in external speaker jack allows you to connect to optional external speakers, and you can use the PA function to listen outside the vehicle with the optional PA speaker.
  •     Highly variable locked phase technology ensures accurate frequency control. Box Includes: CB Radio, Microphone, Mounting Parts, Mounting Base, Operating Instructions and 2 Years Warranty.
  •     40-channel CB radio with ultra-smooth / closed-phase circuit for precise control
  •     Built-in automatic noise selector and automatic mute to reduce noise and improve communication
  •     Signal / radio frequency meters and LED displays can monitor activity. Instant access to Channel 9 for emergencies
  •     Connect external speakers and use the PA / CB switch as the audio system
  •     The front microphone has an extra long coil cord for ease of use

  •     Covering all CB frequencies
  •     Including 3.5 '' magnetic stand, stainless steel shock spring and whip, plus 17ft RG58 cable with PL-259
  •     Perfect for all your needs
  •     2 feet long
  •     Covers all Cb frequencies
  •     Including 3.5 '' Magnetic Stand, Damping Spring & Stainless Steel Whip Plus 17ft Rg58 Cable Pl-259

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