WOLFBOX G840H 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam for Cars
WOLFBOX G840H 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam for Cars

WOLFBOX G840H 12 "2.5K Car Rearview Mirror, 1440P and 1080P Dual-Lens Rearview Mirror, Waterproof Rear Camera Rearview Mirror, Enhanced Night Vision Function with Sony IMX415 Sensor, Parking Assist System, GPS

WDR technology

The G840h driving recorder supports intense light gathering technology in wide dynamic scenes such as entering and exiting tunnels, car night lights, etc. to enhance the clear and dark details of the vehicle. picture;

Improves night vision

The industry-leading Sony IMX415 sensor delivers great low-light performance, and can capture crisp and clear night vision video in low-light conditions, and clearly display license plates and vehicle signs, etc.

Record episodes

Repeated recording enables continuous recording. When the memory card is full, previously saved video and photo files are overwritten. You can set 1 minute / 3 minutes / 5 minutes to record different time loops.

G-sensor and emergency recording

The front and rear cameras on the G840h support manual operation or automatic emergency recording via the built-in G-sensor. When the camera detects a collision, the camera will turn off, or you can double-tap the screen to record and lock the video urgently if evidence is needed.

Reverse help

When your vehicle is pushed back, the 12-inch touchscreen displays a rearview with parking instructions so you can park safely. You can manually adjust the four corners of the reflection line for comfortable viewing.

WOLFBOX G840H 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam for Cars
WOLFBOX G840H 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam for Cars

  • [Full HD 2.5k Resolution] According to various high-performance processors, WOLFBOX G840H mirror camera updates the resolution before and after 1080p to 2.5k, without having to worry about overheating like other 2.5k or 4k cameras. The powerful QVBR coding technology achieves a 30% bit rate with the same image quality, so you don't have to worry about the over capacity caused by the high resolution. The drive recorder also uses an ultra-clear optical glass to prevent glare (free 32GB TF card, max support 128GB).
  • [Unmatched front and rear viewing experience day and night] Front and rear lenses have large apertures of F / 1.55 and F / 1.8, support multi-level 3D noise reduction, eliminate motion distortion and color noise, strong light masking and backlight compensation support; The powerful focus technology is supported in a variety of dynamic scenes (such as entering and exiting tunnels, night lights, etc.). This allows the image to better display dark and dark details even in poor lighting conditions and achieve excellent picture effects.
  • The rear view camera of this Sony RealSense rear view camera is 1080p and uses a real Sony Stavis sensor. Even in rain and fog, it can record ultra-clear videos behind the car. With an IP68 waterproof rating, you never have to worry about rain or dust outdoors. After connecting the red wire to the positive pole of the reverse light, the screen will show the reflection line and automatically reduce the field of view by 15 degrees when reversing. You can also manually adjust the angle of the return line for a safer way to reverse the direction.
  • Smart Function] The car dashboard camera adopts 12 inch HD screen and unique interactive graphic user interface design. The smarter G-sensor function supports automatic and manual emergency video locking (double tap the screen). After installing the WOLFBOX cable set, it supports time-lapse video mode and 24-hour parking monitoring without worrying about car battery consumption. GPS function can record accurate data of speed, direction, longitude and latitude while driving.

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