WOUXUN Dual Band Business Two-Way Radio
WOUXUN Dual Band Business Two-Way Radio

WOUXUN KG-UVA1 Bidirectional Commercial Broadcast Safe Manual Broadcast FM-UHF Bidirectional Broadcasting

What is the difference between KG-UVA1 two-way radio?

IP55 waterproof and drip-proof, withstand harsh environments. This handy device keeps you connected on land and at sea. Sensitive channel buttons easy to switch channels; The adjustable volume levels make the sound clear without noise or distortion. You don't have to set any parameters to start chatting right away. The process is very simple and effective! As long as you press the push to talk button, you can call members of the same channel directly. With push to talk, you can talk to other people at the same time. Ideal for on-site business applications that allow employees to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate to get the job done right. Suitable for hotel receptions, restaurants, security guards, supermarkets, buildings, event venues, schools, churches, police offices and wedding venues.

This transceiver has the functions of CTCSS (Continuous Tone Silencing System) and DCS (Coded Digital Silencing System). After setting this function, you can ignore unnecessary calls from other users on the same frequency as you set. Only after receiving the proper CTCSS / DCS prompt tone, can the transceiver wake up and communicate.

WOUXUN Dual Band Business Two-Way Radio
WOUXUN Dual Band Business Two-Way Radio

  •  Design: The transceiver is comfortable and looks durable. The battery life is excellent, the direct charger is fast and durable, the radio volume is high and the operation is easy and efficient!
  • Optional functions: the antenna allows you to increase the range, LED light and emergency alarm. It is very suitable for day and night outdoor adventures.
  • Programmable: The frequency range is between 136-174 and 420-520MHz. You can easily program some basic parameters using the keyboard or connect them to a computer
  • Easy to assemble: just press lightly on the device's battery. The battery is easy to use and easy to transport. If you want to tie it with a belt or a bag, you can attach the belt clip to the back of the battery compartment for convenient use.

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