WXLSQ 2K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera
WXLSQ 2K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera

Rear view camera with WXLSQ 2K rearview mirror drive recorder, 12 inch touch screen, front and rear camera, left and right dual-use car camera, waterproof rear camera with additional night vision function

Enable clear rendering effect and see your favorite content on camera with natural colors that can provide vivid details like real objects.

One-handed operation requires only one finger to perform a function. So everything looks so smooth.

Ultra HD
In fact, the amazing picture and video quality is excellent, with more detail and smoother motions. Capture traffic conditions and view detailed information more clearly and dynamically.

Reverse the image

When reversing, the video recorder automatically switches to the image that the camera returns after reversing

Parking monitor
After the car is turned off, the video recorder automatically activates the parking monitoring mode. When the body feels the vibrations, the video recorder automatically activates the video recording function

Time-lapse shot
Not only can the recorder ensure the integrity of the recorded content while monitoring the parking lot, but it can also save a lot of storage space

WXLSQ 2K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera
WXLSQ 2K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera

  • [Large Touch Screen] - This driving recorder is equipped with 3 inch touch screen. You can perform all operations with your fingertips instead of the traditional buttons. The flat design makes you a secret testament to the far road.
  • [2K + 1080P High Resolution with Super Night Vision Function] The 12 inch front camera is equipped with 2K HD front camera and 1080P back camera (1920 * 1080P). Real-time video from the rear view camera is displayed continuously on the HD screen, so you can see everything behind you at a wide angle without blind spots, reducing the visibility of standard mirrors.
  • [Safe Parking Aid] This unit not only contains the recorded position, but also displays the speed of the dashboard camera. You can play the video on the website. The 170 ° wide angle of this switch camera is ideal for capturing activities from both sides and eliminating visible blind spots. You can swipe the screen to adjust the angle while driving and vice versa.
  • [Powerful Hardware and Powerful Functions] This dashboard mirror camera is equipped with Starvis sensor and 6 glass-mounted focus lenses. If the SD card is full, repeat recording will replace the oldest unlocked lens. With built-in G-sensor, the dashboard mirror camera pauses the emergency video in case of an accident to avoid coverage.
  • [Ease of installation] You don't need to remove the original rearview mirror, but you have to attach the rearview mirror camera to the rearview mirror with a rubber strap. The drive recorder supports up to 128G high speed SD Cards (not included). Our professional customer service solves all problems within 24 hours. You will enjoy the best shopping experience!

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