X-super Home The Combo of VR Face Silicone Cover Mask
X-super Home The Combo of VR Face Silicone Cover Mask

The VR Silicone Mask Set and Headband Pad are compatible with Oculus Quest to prevent sweat and light (washable). It is suitable for VR headphones

When you use the X-Super Headband Foam Pad on the Oculus Quest, it is comfortable to play with.

Attach the foam pad piece to the original headband and place a comfortable pillow on the back of your head. With an additional layer, the headset feels more comfortable and stable even during active virtual reality exercises. The soft foam also helps relieve stress so you can play longer and better.
The bandage is 12 mm thick. This is the 2020 Pro Edition aimed at gamers looking for a soft padding to better resist wear. It is especially recommended for younger players or gamers who have headphones that look too loose and need padding to ensure support.
For cleaning, all you have to do is quickly wipe the surface of the PU leather. Comfortable, healthy, and comfortable, it's a great accessory for the Oculus Quest.

  • 🚀 Reduce the severe pressure on the head so that the weight of the helmet is fully attached to the eyeball and pushed over the bridge of the nose. This means that they are not the most comfortable earbuds, especially for young children or adults with small heads. However, after using these pads, you may notice that the weight distribution of the helmet has changed and the pressure on the front of the face has decreased.
  • 🚀 【Get the best VR experience in an intense hour-long Beat Saber encounter. You will definitely get additional support from above. It won't slip off your face when you exercise again, especially if you are sweating. After all, you can stay in a visually beautiful place and have a better gaming experience.
  • 🚀 [Do the task] Block the light, protect your eyes, and give you a better experience. Don't worry about sweating after the sword treatment.
  • 🚀 [Quick Clean] All X-super Home headbands and headbands can be washed directly in the washing machine or wiped with a cleaning cloth to clean the surface. It is made of environmentally friendly silicone, is sweat proof, leakage easily and washable.
  • 🚀 [Enjoy Now] With the unique upper mounting strap that is easy to install and remove, you can install the headband position to prevent it from moving, giving you a better feeling while immersing in the virtual reality experience. Packaging: 1 x Face Mask, 1 x Headband.

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