Samsung can drop the Galaxy Note series
Samsung can drop the Galaxy Note series

Samsung has been reported to be canceling the Galaxy Note series from 2021 and now there is a new leak confirming this.

Max Weibnach posted a tweet on Twitter mentioning all the flagship phones that Samsung plans to launch in 2021 and does not include any (Galaxy Note) phone.

Max said: The Korean company intends to launch four models of (Galaxy S21) Galaxy S21, namely: (Galaxy S21 FE), Galaxy S21 FE, (Galaxy S21), Galaxy S21, (Galaxy S21 Plus) and Galaxy S21 Plus. There is also (Galaxy S21 Ultra) Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung plans to launch three foldable phones: (Galaxy Z Fold 3), Galaxy Z Fold 3, (Galaxy Z Flip 3), Galaxy Z Flip 3 and (Galaxy Z Fold FE) Galaxy Z Fold FE. Three of the seven phones will be equipped with the S Pen.

The famous Ice Universe account posted another tweet confirming that there will be no phone (Galaxy Note 21) on the Samsung card for next year, saying: “An extraordinary mystery that currently has no development information for the Note 21 series.

Samsung has yet to confirm its intention to launch the Galaxy Note 21 next year. However, since the phone (Galaxy S21) includes a stylus, it is expected that Samsung will abandon the phone line (Galaxy Note), which is the main feature of this line of phones.

Instead, Samsung will focus on launching the Galaxy Z Fold 3 at the usual time of launching the new Galaxy Note series phones in the second half of next year.

With the development of UTG mass production, Samsung has the capacity to produce 600,000 foldable screens per month and plans to reach the ultimate goal of 1 million foldable screens per month by the end of the year.

Samsung might not sell as many foldable devices as the Galaxy Note series phones, but the higher profit margins for foldable devices can compensate for the smaller number of products. The range (Galaxy S21) could also fetch more sales.

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