Samsung has decided to end the S Translator service next month
Samsung has decided to end the S Translator service next month

After Samsung announced the end of previous services that compete with Google services, Samsung announced that it would end the translation service (S Translator) next month.

The South Korean tech giant launched S Translator with its Galaxy S4 smartphone in 2013, and S Voice ended last June.

Samsung has announced to Korean users that it will stop providing translation services after December 1st. The company will then delete all personal information collected by S Translator.

In contact, Samsung also thanked the users of S Translator for their interest in the service and its usage over the years.

According to reports, S Translator is pre-installed on many of the flagship Galaxy devices and offers voice translation in 11 languages: Brazilian Portuguese, English (UK), English (UK) - Unis), French, German and Italian. Languages, Japanese, Korean and Russian. And Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

Even if Samsung terminates S Translator, Galaxy users will still be able to access alternative translation services through the company's Bixby digital assistant.

Voice assistant can translate text from one language to another, support more languages, and provide better user experience than S Translator. Additionally, Bixby also supports real-time translation, which uses the device's camera to instantly translate whatever text the user sees around it from one language to another.

It's worth noting that Samsung leaked information about SmartThings Find a few days ago. The app uses multiple technologies to locate the device even though there is no cellular or wireless network signal.

This feature expands the functionality of the Samsung Find My Mobile app by allowing users to find Samsung smartphones other than any Galaxy Tablet, Galaxy Buds, or Galaxy Watch.

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