Sony promises to release more PS5s after an unprecedented request
Sony promises to release more PS5 after an unprecedented request

Sony confirmed today (Wednesday) that it intends to purchase more of its latest console (PlayStation 5), PlayStation 5, during the holidays, which the company said represents an unprecedented demand.

"We would like to thank gamers around the world for making the PS5 the best game on our console," Sony said in a tweet posted on its PlayStation Twitter account. The demand for the PS5 is unprecedented, so we want to confirm more of it. More PS5 stock will reach retailers before the end of this year. Please keep in touch with your local dealer. ''

In the previous information on the PlayStation 5 platform, several UK consumers have complained that they have been surprised by the appearance of other products on the Amazon purchased gaming platform.

As for the reasons for what happened to these people, an Amazon spokesperson told Eurogamer: It is investigating these complaints. He added, "We want to make our customers happy, and this only happens with a small portion of these inquiries. We are sorry and we are investigating what happened."

Valve announced on Monday that the Steam gaming platform officially supports the PlayStation 5's DualSense controller.

Games are now available that use a platform API called Steam Input API. Discover the joystick and access some of its functions.

Support is currently available in the Steam public beta, and the company plans to provide full support "after further testing".

Valve said that in the past two years, the number of players using gamepads to play computer games instead of mouse and keyboards has doubled, while the number of players using the PlayStation platform has doubled. Increase.

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