SoundBeamer sends the sound straight to your head
SoundBeamer sends the sound straight to your head

Technology company Novelo Systems introduced the desktop SoundBeamer 1.0, with which the device can broadcast sound like a personal speech bubble without a personal headphone directly to the listener.

The device locates and tracks the user's ears and sends out sound waves to create tiny bags of sound.

This technology allows office workers to listen to music or conference calls without disturbing colleagues, so anyone with headphones can play games, movies or music and no one nearby will hear it.

Desktop computers can be paired with devices via Bluetooth, and consumers can purchase them long before Christmas next year.

The company said on its website: So far, there are two ways to hear the sound - loud and open through the speakers, or by listening to the sound quietly and inconspicuously through headphones.

“At Noveto Systems, we use a patented technology called SoundBeaming to provide a new third way of hearing. It is a new type of sensory listening that changes the way people experience sound.

The sound emitted by the headphone is outside the range of the human ear, and the built-in 3D sensor can locate and track the user's ear in real time. Let users, not just anyone, hear the waves.

The ultrasound converges on the small sound capsule outside the ear so that the user can hear the sound again as a normal sound wave without disturbing other people near it, thus relieving the user of any problems with the headphones.

"Move your head in any direction and the sound will magically follow it," the company said. The company provided the Associated Press with a demonstration of the SoundBeamer 1.0 model.

The Associated Press said that the hearing experience is taken from a science fiction movie, and the 3D sound is so close that it appears in your ears and is also visible in front of, above and behind your ears.

Noveto Systems expects the device to have many practical uses, from enabling office workers to listen to music or conference calls without disturbing others, to letting someone play games or watch movies or music without disturbing others.

The company said the lack of headphones means that other sounds can be heard clearly in the room and sounds can be heard in stereo or 3D room mode, resulting in 360-degree sound around the listener.

By changing the parameters, the sound can follow the listener when he moves his head, and he can also turn away from the beam path without hearing any sound.

You don't have to tell the device where you are because wherever you go, it will follow you without disturbing others.

The concept of streaming audio is nothing new, but it is very attractive for people who do not want to wear headphones to listen to high-targeting speakers.

The concept has been implemented in very limited commercial and industrial scenarios and has no apparent impact on consumers. Noveto Systems hopes to change that so that SoundBeamer 1.0 will be the first branded consumer product.

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