Suits with electric wings speeds of 300 kilometers per hour
Suits with electric wings speeds of 300 kilometers per hour

(BMW) takes passengers to new heights with the first set of electric wings, which can reach speeds of 300 km / h compared to the conventional speed of 100 km / h only.

The design emanated from the creativity of the professional paratrooper (Peter Salzman). Peter Salzmann worked with a German automaker to change his perspective from design to first flight test.

The box mount is attached to the garment, which contains two carbon fiber fans. These fans provide 7.5 kW of power, approximately 25,000 rpm, a total of 15 kW, and can be used for five minutes.

On the first flight, Salzman flew high and flew 10,000 feet over the Alps.

The idea of ​​combining the electric wings came to salzmann in 2017, first from the diagram to the digital model, then from the prototype.

Salzman explained: The first model of a grand electric piano was made of cardboard. I created it to understand the size of the drive unit including the battery and everything related to it.

The drive unit was originally at the stern, but after initial sketches and discussions with aerodynamics experts, it was taken to the front.

Salzman worked with BMW, which provided the tools to design the clusters and propulsion systems, and the team studied a smaller system about 40 inches wide with a 5-inch fan.

The box is powered by a 50V lithium battery that weighs around 26 pounds and is also equipped with an energy storage device.

The left-hand power flow controller sleeve is attached to the engine to increase speed to 186 mph.

The first test flights were carried out in a BMW horizontal wind tunnel to verify the design before being propelled into the sky.

Salzman wore a high-tech suit and completed more than 30 test jumps. The jump took place near the summit of the Three Brothers in the Hohe Tauern in the Alps.

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