Technology companies' services may be subject to European embargoes
Technology companies' services may be subject to European embargoes

European Union Internal Market Commissioner Terry Breton told German Welt am Sonntag: If technology companies do not comply with European regulations, their services may be excluded from the European market.

The European Commission provided the above comments when setting the rules for internet companies.

Britton and Margaret Westager, EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, were to announce the new DSA and DMA regulations on December 2nd.

The rule creates a "yes and no" list of companies with internet market power, forcing those companies to share data with competitors and regulators rather than unfairly promoting services and products.

When the new draft rules are published, critics of the US tech giants, including companies and industry groups, are skeptical of the EU’s transition to Google.

Critics of the US tech giants say the new regulations have not slowed Google's so-called anti-competitive behavior.

Some people hope that the scope of law enforcement in the European Union will not be limited to directing companies to stop such behavior.

The draft regulation enables the European Union to prohibit extremist countries from choosing the services of tech companies from among the group of 27 countries.

Until the draft regulation is approved, the European Union's antitrust authorities are not currently empowered to implement such a ban.

Breton told the German newspaper Le Monde: "Strict rules must be applied for which we need the appropriate tools, such as imposing fines to exclude companies from the internal market if they are to continue operating in the internal market of the European Union." Dissolve these companies.

He added that these penalties apply to companies that do not abide by European Union rules and that the most stringent measures are applied only in special circumstances.

Google launched a 60-day strategy last month that indicates tech companies are wary of the new regulations. Urging US allies to boycott the European Union's digital president.

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