The Apple iPhone SE may not launch in early 2021
The Apple iPhone SE may not launch in early 2021

An analyst (Ming-Chi Kuo) said Apple won't release a new iPhone SE or iPhone SE Plus anytime soon in early 2021.

The analyst, who is considered Apple's most famous leak, said the early launch of the new iPhone SE would be in the second half of next year.

Although Best Buy recently made a screen protector for a mobile phone called (iPhone SE Plus), Ming Guo had previously expected the release of this phone and the new iPhone SE. The analyst now says neither will be released anytime soon.

Although Kuo did not specify a new date or time frame, he did inform investors that he would not do so in the first half of 2021.

Guo's latest discovery relates specifically to the supplier Yujingguang, better known as Genius Electronic Optical. He warned people against the belief that "the market overestimates the company's sales and gross margins."

“We believe Genius Electronic Optical sales will be below market consensus in October due to increased competition,” said Kuo. He added, "We expect this competition to intensify in 2021."

Guo also said: "The market is expected to launch new cell phones (iPhone SE) in the first half of 2021, which will increase Genius Electronic Optical shipments. However, we do not think that in the first half of 2021 will be published." New (iPhone SE). SE). .

Kuo also believes that Genius Electronic Optical does not need as many components for an iPhone 13 as it does with an iPhone 12. He concluded, “We estimate that the ultra-wide lens will drop from 50% of the series (iPhone 12) to 30% of the series (iPhone). 13).

While Kuo believes that this forecast is due to increased competition from competing sellers, quality issues may also arise. Kuo previously mentioned Genius Electronic Optical production control issues on the iPhone 12.

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