The Task Mate app from Google makes it easy to earn money
The Task Mate app from Google makes it easy to earn money

Google has begun testing a new paid crowdsourcing app called Task Mate in India.

This new app is very similar to Google Opinion Rewards, which has long allowed users to answer questions and surveys in exchange for Google Play Store points.

Task Mate rewards users who complete small tasks instead of collecting points in the Google Play Store, and promises to pay users in local currency.

Task Mate was originally spotted by Reddit users on the Google Play Store.

Based on the screenshots, the app is currently in beta and is limited to testers identified through the recommendation system.

According to the description from Google Play Store, the app offers users short term tasks that can be done with cash.

Users can then redeem the winnings by linking their e-wallet account to the app or by using the built-in payment partners.

Mission Partner offers two sitting and two assignment positions on site.

On-site tasks require users to visit nearby companies, and Google may request direct tasks such as: b. Review business details.

The app offers a variety of on-site tasks, including the task of asking the user to use a pin to display their location and taking a photo from the storefront.

The data collected through these tasks can help Google improve mapping services and promote local businesses on the Internet.

Sitting includes, for example, transcribing sentences via the app or recording spoken sentences.

The list does not contain any further details about the mission. It appears that the task will be easy and will come from companies around the world. This means that Google Task Mate may launch in other regions in the future.

It is not known how the company bids for Google crowdsourcing duties or whether it will pay for these duties.

The app currently requires users to enter an invitation code to create an account. It appears that Google has not yet started promoting the invitation code widely.

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